Tuesday, September 04, 2012

august was an epic month of thrifting

 I hit the thrifts a lot in August. A LOT. I found things I needed, things I liked and things I NEEDED.
 So much goodness was acquired that I thought I would hold a show and tell to keep you entertained while the mister and I are off road tripping through the midwest.**

**all that up there...ALL of it cost me $5 smackeroos total courtesy of a $5 bag sale at one of the local thrifts.  check it:

*vintage petri flex camera
*2 vintage ties
*2 books
*pack o pipecleaners
*8 scarves
*2 shirts
*1 kiddo trench coat
*vintage strawberry shortcake fitted sheet
*3 pairs o trousers, none of which that fit, but one was bought solely for the fabric. the grey jeans confound me as I have them already same size, same brand but these do not fit and the denim there? oh my, I SO wanted those to fit. Ooof!


  1. if you find yourself near Chicago, drop me a line! We'll go eat some tasty food!

    1. i love Chicago! this trip we hit up the middle section of the states so next time we're in yer neck of the wood, I will definitely give you a call!

  2. Replies
    1. double whoo-hoo! we did pass through yer state but were nowhere near you or my family. we'll return again!