Saturday, August 11, 2012

screaming for the ice cream; wherein we prefer Scoops

Fosselman's even more so if you like your ice cream straight up. But I suppose I'm starting in the middle here so allow me to backtrack. Mister and I spent last weekend in San Francisco. It sounds like the makings of a lovely adventure however I should be frank and tell you that mister spent the weekend in San Francisco while I spent the weekend in South San Francisco in a conference room by the airport. Don't get me wrong, I was excited about the conference (it was awesome!) and it was all my choice but I was still a little bent out of shape that we were unable to extend our stay so that I could have a San Francisco wander. This is the part where being brokity broke kinda suckity sucks.
We took the long way and drove up the coast stopping to enjoy the pacific breeze, stretch our legs and put the p-style to good use. We arrived in the SF area with about two hours to kill and the closest thing to our airport motel that I had the address for was Humphry Slocombe's which seems to be enjoying a lot of pomp in the blogging world as of late. How do you think I came about having the address?
We found a spot on a side street that allowed us to park sans permit and hefted up our backpacks full of cameras and other techie gadgets and hit the street for a wander, looking every bit the tourist and yet not much different than how we look when we wander at home. I felt rushed to capture my mere moments in the city and so snapped pictures all willy nilly.
Once at the shop we were delightfully greeted by a counter girl or two and opted to share a cup with two scoops. We chose salted chocolate and vietnamese coffee. The scoops are on the small side though the flavors were full and creamy. The salted chocolate a bit more salty than others we have tried while the coffee was delicious. We thought our hometown Scoops offered up a more intriguing variety in a more laidback setting and so we shrugged and thought eh and went on.
We were also double charged. Not cool.

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