Monday, August 27, 2012

root beer floats our boat

 We a-go-gos like our root beer. Actually, that's not quite true. We like root beer as long as it is accompanied with vanilla ice cream. For mr. a-go-go's birthday shindig, we began a root beer taste test that that lasted a few Monday night dinners.
I cannot remember how many there were...fifteen perhaps? I do know that root beer can taste as different as each person's preference.
From super sweet to flavored with cayenne and ginger we tried root beers that were wonderful and rootbeers that fell flat.
Sadly the happier labels did not indicate a better brew though how we wished that were true. From fizz to scent to flavor and finish we tasted and rated them all. Faygo was too sweet, Barrel Brothers had nifty ingredients but meh flavor, while Dang! smelled better than it tasted. We kept a list and everything and sadly, I cannot find a photo of the list...I'm sure I took a photo, of course I took a photo but did I put the photo in a place I could find it? Sigh. may...might? Might be wondering which one stood out from the rest...believe it or not it was a lovely spicy bit of sweet called none other than Rat Bastard.

We is classy folks.

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