Thursday, August 02, 2012

diy: upcycled box organizers

I really wanted to WOW you with this one but it being August (wha?) and all, I feel like if I do not get this post up, it will be 2013 already and I will have never shared it.

Space is limited here in the tiny casa, even more so if you account for my many, many collections of stuffity-stuff. It took me almost ten months to get any of my supplies organized mostly because I really wanted to do it right, whatever that means. I thought that if I could organize it perfectly prefect my life would be calm and I could move on to the next crafty endeavor. Truth be told, who am I kidding? Even if I did actually organize it perfectly perfect there is no way I would keep it up as I am not exactly a type A person, ya know? So here you go, a mini diy for organizing your crafty crap. If I had a room to put it all in it may very well be organized quite differently. Since I do not have a room but a plastic shed, this is what you get. Enjoy!
Mister works at a small company that receives and sends a LOT of packages. These boxes were recycling bin bound so he swooped up a bunch and I made them pretty. The first thing I had to do was pick out fabric. And since, like I said, I am NOT an A type personality, I went with whatever fabric I could find in whichever box was open.
I then cut out pieces of fabric and ironed them as smooth as I could, making sure to roll them up all pretty for a picture.
All of the boxes were flipped so that the ends were facing up. I brushed on a coat of mod podge using a foam brush.
Next, I smoothed a cut of fabric over the whole sticky surface and continued utnil all my box ends were covered.
After the mod podge dried, I used my handy-dandy fabric scissors (the ones with the green handle) to trim all the way around the edges. It was a little hairy at times but I managed.
 After these sat in a heap in the living room for a few weeks (see? definitely NOT a type A) I got to adding labels which I made by folding over smallish rectangles of fabric in half and stitching all the way around. A trim with pinking shears or scissors evened them out and those too were tacky-glued atop the fabric covered boxes.
I used Bic permanent pens to label them up after they were filled with crafty chaos.
Finally, I stacked them into my ugly plastic storage shed, shut the doors and then sat down for a jar of iced coffee and a cookie (or two). The best way to fit the most into the shed as it was (mister put shelves in it back in Los Angeles and it housed my fabric) was to store the boxes on their sides. It isn't nearly as pretty as a fancy crafty blogger would have or share but it works and now I can find my twisty bits and whiz-bangs. I can also see some of my favorite fabrics in use (I tend to horde fabric and not use it but I am trying to remedy that quirk of mine). Now I can throw a crafty night and actually find my crafty bits.


  1. i keep looking for the LIKE button!!!!

  2. seriously charming!

  3. I love all the different pieces of fabric! And how clever just to cover the ends and not cover the whole box - which is what I would have tried and then not be happy with the final result. Looks great!

    1. Thank you! It is both because I am lazy AND a fabric hoarder. :)