Sunday, August 19, 2012

backtracking: my tiny San Francisco adventure {and epiphany}

A few weeks ago, mr. a-go-go and I drove up the coast to San Francisco. I had a weekend conference to attend and he was going to play catch up with the danny-boy and this nifty maker of things.
Because we lean towards the broker side of the spectrum, and because mister has a job that does not offer time off and because well..because we are hermit-like in our ways, we were only able to stay for two nights and so, we had two hours or so free to explore a smidgey-smidge of the city (both Saturday and Sunday would be full of conferencing for me). I wrote previosuly that we had ice-cream and well...that was about all we did.
The conference was all me, it had nothing to do with work, just me and my love of all things Froebel. I gave the mister puppy eyes back in February when I realized it would be happening somewhat locally and so made it my birthday gift. I had originally got all pie-in-the-sky dreamy with the idea of an early morning adventure in the city where I could photograph china town and pretty pastel Victorians. I could visit sweet little shops and taste sweet little pastries and take more pictures of all sorts of pretty. The reality however was that the only way I could accomplish said dreamy adventure would be to leave stupid early on Friday morning (say 3am) so that I could be in the city proper for magic morning hour light. Mister was slightly okay with that idea but I could see the smidge of worry that that lingered in his eyes. I decided that we would wake up and leave when we woke up and were ready. That was that. And once I put that into my head, I began researching niftiness near our motel. It was a long shot but there had to be something (hence the ice cream). I got so caught up in finding the right kind of place to visit and photograph  that I lost sight of the magic of wandering and seeing the pretty in the everyday. Before the internet we just got up and went and discovered what was around the corner. Now, with the internet you try to find all that pretty that someone else found for you thus losing that magic moment of quirk when what was around the corner was amazing.  I needed to readjust.
And so, I took a deep breath and let it all go. I only wrote down the address to Humphrey Slocombe's and the address to a pho place super close to the motel. With the limited time that we had it all worked out. We had some decent ice cream, awesome pho, and enjoyed a walk in San Francisco that was full of color. It might not have been the pretty that I had dreamed of but it was vibrant and rich and all was simple and sweet. Sure we stayed at a chain motel near the airport that was surrounded by freeway and train tracks but the room was clean, the bed mostly comfortable and the free breakfast was dandy. Mister could walk to the bus stop that would lead him to his visiting and I could drive myself to the conference without too much hullabaloo. It might have taken me fifteen minutes to figure out how to use the shower but in the end I did AND I got to laze about on a king sized bed watching the remake of Piranha while enjoy the largest coldest coke in the land. Dreamy-land be damned, you should always look on the bright side of life.


  1. I LOVE your photos! It looks like a happy adventure! I love wandering & exploring & photographing the random.

  2. It's not always easy to look on the bright side but it's the only way.... How ironic, I'm typing this and the BBC news is playing Scott Mcenzies San Francisco.

  3. "Dreamy-land be damned, you should always look on the bright side of life." To that I give a big "Hell yeah!" Nice photos! You captured some SF funkiness.