Tuesday, August 14, 2012

adventures {and maybe perhaps a few too many rootbeer floats}

 My most favorite people came to visit for the weekend and we had quite the lazy adventure!
On Friday we played in the coastal fog at our favorite cove, hunted for heart-shaped rocks and hunkered down for burgers and floats at a favorite burger joint.
Saturday...we hit up the farmer's market for some breakfasty goodness, a most amazing watermelon and perhaps a little eye-bombing. Afterwards there was a wander under centuries old oaks, tree-climbing and lichen sighting. After a home assembled lunch, gloves were donned and dry ice was had as mr. a-go-go played science teacher. Before the sun set, we bundled up and drove to Santa Margarita for a lazy bridge happening before trekking up an unassumingly steep hill for some perseids action but not before we stopped for some ice cream. It was pretty great!
 Sunday was a lazy day of boardwalk wandering, anemone poking, tea sipping, and apple tasting. After another home assembled dinner we enjoyed rootbeer float slushies, aftter that books were read and tucking ins happened. Before us grown-ups settled in for the night we partook of  boozy drinks and perhaps a chick flick mixed in with conversation.
Monday was a flurry of packing up and goodbye hugs but not until after donuts were had, more visiting happened, floats and freezes were enjoyed, and a pyramid photo op was accomplished. It just may very well have been the best weekend ever!

They're safely tucked away at home now but golly, I miss them already!

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