Thursday, August 16, 2012

a return to spooners cove

 From wave watching to shell searching, stone piling and stone skipping, to plopping down on the rocky beach to simply sift through all that magic, Spooners Cove is definitely a favorite place to visit. We mostly hit it up when we have guests as there is enough to entrance most anyone. This time, to switch things up, we decided to hit it at sundown. Most people think that the beach is a summer destination so they are usually surprised by the grey, grey, grey that welcomes them when they venture to Spooners Cove. The time to hit up our central coast beaches is winter. Winter is when the skies are blue and the sun shines...sure it isn't warm and there might be rain but winter at the beach is a favorite a-go-go thang. Just before sundown, we were greeted with the evening fog bank as it rolled in to kiss the beach. The drive was lovely,  the air cool but not cold and the beach was just about empty save for us, two fishermen, a lady and a dog. Bring on the rock sorting, cliff climbing and flashlight flashing!


  1. This place looks awesome.

  2. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Lovely pictures to cool off in this 102 degree weather we are having in Fresno.

  3. such lovely 'captures' of such a lovely evening.
    again (and always) we can't thank you enough...
    (how funny/sad is it that you are getting yours posted before I do????)

  4. I love the beach. I've visited CA and did the 17 mile drive.... Did we see anything? No nothing except for fog!...