Friday, August 31, 2012

i think mister should number these

Slowly but surely, we're selling hem...they take a while to make so if yer looking for an awesome holiday gift contact us soon! And if you have any awesome tins heading to the donation bin, we would be interested in them as well...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

our favorite summer sandwich

 Years ago I grabbed an awesome sandwich from the Cheese Store of Silverlake that was soooooo tasty I needed to replicate it as soon as possible and so I did. I can't remember what the original ingredients were but here's the a-go-go version...

sweet and savory sandwich a-go-go
*1 loaf of crusty bread whole
*boysenberry or black cherry jam
*provolone cheese about six slices
*1/4 pound of sliced capicola
Slice bread in half length-wise and lather one side with mayo and the other with jam. I like to use a crusty italian loaf. Layer cheese on jam side, then capicola and top off with the other half of the loaf. Slice into mini sandwiches about two inches thick.
Pile onto a happy plate...or pair with another tea-style sandwich and an array of snacky foods or simply enjoy it with a salad. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

root beer floats our boat

 We a-go-gos like our root beer. Actually, that's not quite true. We like root beer as long as it is accompanied with vanilla ice cream. For mr. a-go-go's birthday shindig, we began a root beer taste test that that lasted a few Monday night dinners.
I cannot remember how many there were...fifteen perhaps? I do know that root beer can taste as different as each person's preference.
From super sweet to flavored with cayenne and ginger we tried root beers that were wonderful and rootbeers that fell flat.
Sadly the happier labels did not indicate a better brew though how we wished that were true. From fizz to scent to flavor and finish we tasted and rated them all. Faygo was too sweet, Barrel Brothers had nifty ingredients but meh flavor, while Dang! smelled better than it tasted. We kept a list and everything and sadly, I cannot find a photo of the list...I'm sure I took a photo, of course I took a photo but did I put the photo in a place I could find it? Sigh. may...might? Might be wondering which one stood out from the rest...believe it or not it was a lovely spicy bit of sweet called none other than Rat Bastard.

We is classy folks.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

some trees may have been climbed

 It was too hot and too late in the day for any mushroom sightings but the wander was quite pleasant and the trees, well the trees were ready and waiting for company. There is something utterly dreamy about oak trees. They fill my heart with calm and I feel like I am at home.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

making syrup simple

Sugar syrup is a wonder in the summertime for when you want an ice cold coffee with just a smidge of sweet. Granulated sugar simply does not cut the mustard and those fancy cafe syrups from the store cost more than their worth. My mother taught me how to make a simple syrup when I was in junior high. I used it in iced tea and two-squeeze lemonade ( I should write about that). Now, I use it in iced coffee and the occasional mixed cocktail.
Simple syrup is super simple to make. Everyone seems to have a different combination of sugar to water so I will let you be the judge. I personally use one cup water to one cup sugar. I let it come to a mini boil then I turn the heat off to cool. The longer you cook it, the more the water evaporates or burns off.

As I lean towards the semi-fancy, my simple syrup has a twist. I make mine flavored. it is super easy to do, all you need is a handful or so of your favorite fresh herb, washed and dried. I recently made up a batch of minted syrup, perfect for iced tea, two-squeeze lemonade and mojitos (of course!), and a batch of cinnamon syrup perfect for iced coffee and golden cadiallacs.

I wanted to make up a couple of batches both because of the great visit, and because I am currently on an iced coffee fix and need to purge myself of my fondness for Coffee-mate's Natural Bliss. It helped that I kept the containers and so off I went.
For the cinnamon syrup I added one whole cinnamon stick to the mix and let it hang out in the sticky sweet goodness until the whole thing cooled down. The mint syrup was made with a handful of fresh mint that I had crumpled a bit in my hand to break the leaves a bit and allow the minty goodness to steep.
 Once cool, discard the extra bits and pour into your reusable containers. Add a little bit of labeled whimsy and chill until it is time to mix up some drinks! Syrups should be happy in yer fridge for a few weeks as long as you have strained all herbally bits out of it. Make small batches to ensure you use it up quickly. Lookie how pretty the syrups are! it is time for some iced coffee!
 I also make a lavender syrup. I use it in two-squeeze lemonade and soda water for a fizzy herby drink. If you do want to make a lavender syrup, go easy. Fresh lavender is super heady, I would recommend one large floret and discard after boiling. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

up to my eyeballs

 It seems this week all I have been doing is moving piles from one part of the tiny casa to the other, picking up tiny threads, snipping tiny threads, photographing projects and other odds and ends, and losing my many post-it notes full of ideas scribbled down with a dull pencil at all hours of the day into the late, late evening.
I'm not complaining,  I do lean towards happy chaos, but goodness, I think I made a mess of the tiny casa and with us heading out on a mini road trip in oh...eight days, I think I can confess that I'm a smidge taxed out.
We have a new neighbor upstairs and I just a moment ago met him as he happened by the kitchen door which was propped open due to it being hot in the the tiny casa (I blame the oven being on and hot flashes). If you had been said neighbor you would have seen me crouched on the kitchen floor covered in scone batter, photographing words written on a paper bag that was tacked to a wood crate surrounded by tiny snips of thread in two different greens, escaped mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. It's a wonder I did not spill my iced coffee. I also believe that though it was well past ten in the morning, I probably still exhibited morning hedgehog hair. Oh yes, I also believe music from Jesus Christ Superstar was blaring through the tinny computer speakers or maybe it was PiL (oh, I know they sound nothing alike, but those were the last two tunes I remembered hearing as I emt the neighbor, ya gotta love iTunes shuffle).
I'm taking a mini break to load and edit photos, drink iced coffee topped with mini marshmallows (the mallows were added purely for photo effect but now I quite like them) and plan my next area of attack. I have blog posts to write up for the dilly and the do and I have a handful of guest posts to work on for a new endeavor. There is a fancy camera sitting here loaded and ready for me to play with (though play is limited as I have forgotten all the tricks to a manual camera and this puppy weighs four and a half pounds), and I suppose I should put on non-batter covered clothes, brush my hair and get back to some project doing.
Just thinking of all that makes me think I need another jar of iced coffee...marshmallows included.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

a return to the old green bridge

Golly, I love this bridge.  We didn't spend much time here, there were meteors to be seen and ice cream to be had. The day was not yet over...