Saturday, July 28, 2012

then we took the long way home

 as in twelve hours long...but goodness, was it pretty or what?
there are a number of ways one can travel from reno to san luis obispo. we chose to take the sonora pass. we left at 5:30 in the morning and noodled along through carson city, enjoying the thunderstorm and searching for a place to get cash, gas and breakfast. breakfast consisted of a shared apple, a shared banana, a container of mixed nuts and chocolate milk. we also had appropriate junk food in the car for snacking. said snacking became lunch and we arrived back in slo just in time for monday night dinner with family.
the pass is quite lovely. we noodled along and stopped more often than not to gaze at the stunning views and to enjoy the breezy air. we think this would be a great place to travel through for a weekend and camping out at whim. we think we now need a van of sorts and decided that if we found the right mini van used, we might take the plunge. i would love a little camper van but mister prefers a safer vehicle with better mileage and so we will wait. while being broke isn't always fun, our expectations for joy are simple to come by and i think that is quite dandy.
i was really hoping the higher elevation would make my ears pop but it turns out my ears are not that kind of sick. after spending a few hours in urgent care (again) it has been decided that i have a profound sinus infection. the new round of meds has greatly helped my left ear and unfriendly polyp but the sniffer is still non-sniffing and quite cloggity-clogged while my right ear is dangerously non-working. i'm a little off balance and as always...snurfly. the snurfles really bring home the sad raccoon status, i feel unkempt and sloppy and if anything that is a real buzz-kill.
good thing my spirits are bouncy and i can enjoy a lovelier-than-lovely (if not LONG) drive through our pretty planet. if you have the chance to drive though the pass, go for is often closed due to snow but summer is a perfect time. it felt like spring!
this was in modesto. had to take a picture!

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  1. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Yay for Modesto! Only about an hour from Fresno.