Tuesday, July 17, 2012

it's tuesday, why not be random?

 my polyp is back in a most frustrating manner. it makes me feel all sorts of sad racoony. i am adult and yet i am constantly sniffling through my days like a toddler with a cold. how can i feel confidant when i am always embarrassed by the snurfliness? and yes, sometimes i do cram a bit of tissue up the nose to keep it from dripping...only when no one else is around though i fear i will forget and head out to run errands. then i will be THAT kind of crazy lady, the one with a wad of white tissue hanging out of her nose.

there are ants in our microwave. there are ants IN our microwave. how does that happen?

the fridge quit at he homestead and we managed to cram three ice chests full of perishables into our wonky fridge. now we're trying to create meals with things that MUST BE EATEN. tonight dinner will be pan fried salmon and salad. this reminds me to not buy too much and to really use what we have.

there is a trio of bluejays sneaking around the tiny casa stealing my sunflower seeds and making all kinds of a racket. and i love every moment of it.

moonrise kingdom! moonrise. kingdom.

today i began my day NOT in red, white or blue. i did change once i got home from work and now i am doing laundry.

i hate washing plastic food containers. when i was a teenager, i hated washing silverware.

i misplaced my jello hat and for the last few days i was driving myself crazy looking for it. i just now found it. it's on billy's head underneath the custom mouse ears the danny-boy made for me. i would probably lose my head if it were not attached.

on wednesdays, i watch tv at the homestead. we do not have a television but we do have internet. right now i am watching So You Think You Can Dance. in the spring i watch America's Next Top Model. i also talk at the television the whole time.

a few weeks ago i finally got through that mad pile of boxes and the living room and most of the casa looked good and clean. now, every surface is piled with stuff. alphabet blocks, tissue boxes, tin trays, cameras....

the mister and i watched this documentary a few days ago. it made me cover my eyes and cry. my heart ached so much and then i got angry and cried some more.

i have not had a sodee pop in ten days! no fizz water either. but there has been coffee and right now i have an ENORMOUS headache.

i bought a plastic orange and yellow rug from Cost Plus. i thought it would break up the swath of icky gray carpet in the livingroom. i'm not sure it was a good idea.

one of the arms broke off of my bronzed eyeglasses so today i am wearing my blue cats eyes which might be why i am having an ENORMOUS headache.

i have been craving a bordeaux for a few weeks now. they were my mamos' favorite.

oops, i have to get the laundry now and make dinner and fix this headache and remove this puff o' tissue from the nose before i venture out...cheers!

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