Thursday, July 26, 2012

i had a converation with my magic 8 ball

it all began with a not so good hair day looking better after i pulled all my hair away from my face. i've been sicker than sick these past few weeks with all sorts of allergy induced ailments and a bad reaction to a prescription and have been feeling quite miserable. my bad-brain had blossomed into sad-racoon status and i was not a happy camper but a new round of antibiotics and steroids and hopefully a new prescription that won't make me sick had me feeling a smidge better and so i smiled...genuinely.

tonight was the first night i had to sit on the computer. i am way behind on thingy-things..them mister and i were out for a road trip last weekend and well...there is a lot of catch up going on. soooo...i had a chat date with a favorite person and i asked her advice about chopping my hair off. at the same time i posted it to facebook. i got a lot of yeses and likes from my FB friends but my gal Tara thinks longer is better. so we bantered back and forth and enjoyed our chat and signed off after two hours or so.

but i couldn't leave well enough alone. so i hit up the old magic 8 ball and here is what ensued.

should i get a pixie cut?
concentrate and ask again.
pixie cut, pixie cut, pixie cut?
better not tell you now.
oh come on, pixie cut; yes, or no?
outlook not so good.
yes, definitely!

and then i laughed a full blown belly laugh and decided to share it with you.

**i still think i may take the plunge...gulp! 


  1. Wow... Never heard of the magic 8 ball.... But Google came to the rescue and yes I did ask it a question and got the answer I wanted too!...

  2. don't mess with the Magic 8 Ball, whatever it says should be law. ;)