Wednesday, July 11, 2012

diy: chair leg cozies from doilies

 The mister and I have been living in the new tiny casa for almost a year now. In fact, we just renewed our lease for another year so I suppose we're staying for the time being. One of my favorite things about the tiny casa is the black and white checkered floor in the kitchen and hall. One of my least favorite things about the tiny casa is the sound of the table and chair legs as they SCREECH across that happy black and white checkered floor.

For the past eleven months I have been meaning to get some felt upon the bottoms of those chair and table legs but so far I have yet to do it. Then, I spotted a nifty hand knit chair leg cozie somewhere on the internet. I wish I could find it again, after a search I found many but not the the one I first saw. Hmmmm. I loved the idea but since I cannot knit or crochet I tucked it away in the back of my noggin.

Eventually, the idea made its way to the front of my noggin and I came up with this project after uncovering my happy pile of thrifted doilies. Now, you too, of the fiber arts impaired can whip up a batch for your table and chairs (as long as you have some rectangular doily placemats).

*1 rectangular/squarish  doily
*oodles of pins
*sewing machine
*measuring tape
I have a bundle of crocheted table runners and placemats in my stash. I have even more of the circular sort but sadly could not come up with a decent conversion with those, so rectangular it was. I also had to use two different pieces to accommodate all the legs I had to cover but that's okay since I think the variety kicks things up a bit. If only I had some in other colors or the patience to dip dye or something. All you need to do is fold your placemat in half width-wise and pin heavily into place.
To begin, stitch the open side of your folded crocheted piece using a small zig-zag stitch. You may wish to get all matchy-matchy with your thread unlike me who is lazy and uses whatever is in the machine. If your doily is proving to be stubborn and not budging under the foot of your machine, try pinning the piece to a sheet of wax paper. This only helps a little but can give you something to hold onto as you gently tug the whole shebang through your machine. If you are a fancy-pants stitcher you probably have the know-how to remedy this without the wax paper. You also are probably an accomplished yarnster and have no need to follow along with my wonky humble tutorial here so just go back to your awesome granny squares (yes, I'm jealous).
Measure your table/chair leg and add 1/4" to the measurement (if your leg is squarish, if your leg is round, cut your measurement in half and then add the 1/4"). Measure out your measurement from the zig-zagging you just did and zig-zag some more. Move your doily over one sewing foot away from the edge you just stitched and begin another zig-zaggy run. Repeat, removing pins as you go, until you have all the channels you need or your doily runs out. Don't forget to move a sewing foot away from each channel otherwise you will go to cut and realize you do not have enough cozies. Trust me on this...I learned the hard way.
Carefully cut in between the channels you made. Cut as close as you can to the stitches without cutting any threads. If you planned this right, you should have as many little pockets as you intended.
Turn those pockets inside out and cross your fingers they will fit your table/chair legs. If you find your cozies are a wee bit too big, use a small piece of double stick tape to anchor them to your legs.
 Ta-da! No more marky-marks or screechy-screeching across my happy black and white checkered floor!


  1. I absolutely love your checkered floor! *jealous!* What a cute project! I have earmarked a project from a knitting book I'll be making into table leg cozies shaped like monster feet! We'll see if this newbie knitter can get it done...

    1. monster feet? oh, that is FANTASTIC! can't wait to seeee!

  2. Anonymous6:32 PM

    This is absolutely brilliant, Jessica! Little socks for the legs, I've been grinning all afternoon thinking about it. I'm going to make some for my coffee table and sewing chair. I think I still have some doilies in one of my boxes. I also love your happily painted table, chairs, and drawers.
    Thanks for the inspiration:-)
    Now I just need some writing inspiration to continue my long-abandoned blog. But that's another story....

  3. ooooh....
    chair socks.
    I know what to do with all of the baby socks I couldn't bear to part with.
    YOU are such an inspiration!