Sunday, July 08, 2012

addle me this, addle me that

this is what happens when i sew without paying attention to dangly threads...
 So, you know the books by Laura Numeroff about giving critters cookies and muffins and how said animals get inspired and demanding of other things? Welp folk, that is how my day generally goes. I begin with one thing but meander so far off course that I end up doing something I never planned on and that first thing never gets done and there is still a load of wet laundry in the machine.

For example; I needed to photograph some steps and inspiration for a post for the 'do! I smooshed over a good portion of crap stuff on the table, tossed a pretty tablecloth atop all that clean(ish) yellow tabletop and gathered up props and supplies. as I arranged and photographed I realized I needed some pipecleaners so out to the carport I went. I returned and thought more cleared tabletop would be better so I put down the pipecleaners and cleared off the table being very good to actually put things in their rightful place and not just transfer the piles from one surface to another as I am wont to do. In the process I put something in the hall cabinet which made me rearrange a few things which led me to see a pretty stack of doilies. I remembered that I wanted to display doilies over the bed and thought that would be a good project for the august bed and so I pulled the mound and tossed them onto the bed for a good rifle.

As I was rifling through all that goodness I remembered that I was actually doing an entirely different project so hurried back to the kitchen to finish with the it only I didn't see any pipecleaners in sight which of course had me muttering through the tiny casa smacking my palm onto every surface in search of those twisty bits. I eventually found them on a chair under an orange towel in the living room (I dropped them there when my iTunes suddenly shut off [why does it do that?] and I guess the towel slippity-slipped off the back of the chair onto the seat thus hiding those darn twisty bits). Back to the table to finish my project which actually did get finished (the photographing part, not the writing part).

I poured myself a jar of iced coffee and sliced myself a slice of peanut butter banana bread and carried my snack over to the laptop so I could upload photos. As I was about to sit down I thought I should wash my hands and take a pee break (too much info?) and noticed how smudgy-icky the sink was and how the mister had just said he needed to vacuum and do some cleaning (I cook, he cleans). I decided to make it all shiny clean and headed into the kitchen for some spray and a cleaning sponge. After the sink was sparkling and pretty (the sink, that is, not the drain, good lord the stuff that likes to hibernate in our drain!) I realized I had not taken my 31 Days of Red, White and Blue picture and my hair was in need of repair and my mouth needed a swipe of lippy. Out comes the brush and a lip stain and I get to work.

As I am setting up the camera to take my portrait, the largeness that is my arse bumps the kitchen table causing it to SCREECH across the linoleum floor and I remember that I want to add felt to the bottom of the the table and chair legs but then, THEN I remember I actually wanted to make happy cozies for them and so I dash back to the bedroom and attack the pile of pretty doilies to see if any of them would work for my idea. They are all far too pretty to cut into so I dash out to the carport (startling both the lizard that hangs out on our stoop and the fledgling bluejay that has discovered our birdbath) which involves digging through five large storage tubs and which leads me to rediscovering my stash of neckties I thought I had but couldn't find, a vintage lobster tablecloth, two kiddo craft books, and more doilies than you can shake a yarn-wrapped stick at. I also took note of all the vintage I need to clean, photograph and list but that's a whole other story. Dashing back into the tiny casa (sorry little lizard) I drop the tote bag of goodness on the floor near the sewing machine, slug back a gulp of not so icey iced coffee and try to remember what it was I was doing.

With a snap of my fingers I remember...portrait! Back into the bathroom to wash my hands and slather on some lotion has be cringing at my worn lip stain (stain my arse) and crooked pony-tails so back out comes the brush and a different lipstick. Phew!

Portrait gets taken, actually four get taken with a cross of my fingers that one of them comes out decently; and I head back to the laptop to upload photos but then decide to sit, check up on internet clutter and actually eat that slice of peanut butter banana bread (recipe coming soon). Eventually, the bird clock chimes and I think I should get up, stretch my legs and prep to head out to the grocery store. I bring my now empty plate into the kitchen and see that table and chairs all splayed out from the previous project and decide right then and there to whip up some cozies to keep the SCREECHING sound down to a minimum.

After a reorganization of piles of crap fabric and such in the bedroom, a sweeping of the kitchen floor, a visit to turn the iTunes back on, and a dash out to put mail in the box because I always forget to do it before the mail person arrives; the cozies are sewn and photographed and it is an hour later and I really should get going to the grocery store.

But not before I sit my arse down to check my email, facebook, flickr...before I decide to get lost on Pinterest I decide that I should write this all down because I am never sure how it is I seem to be busy all day yet never get anything done.

Do you have days like this? 

I have to admit that as I was looking up the link for Laura Numeroff's website I took a side trip to I am really going to the grocery store.

p.p.s and yup...I totally forgot about the laundry.

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  1. Hahahahahaha!
    That sounds like my day, but add fixing lunch and snacks and breaking up arguments.
    So glad it's not just me.