Friday, July 27, 2012

a weekend in reno

the drive on day 1
a little reno lurve
the ho-hum motel
mama quail!
a lightening strike fire made for pretty skies
 we spent last weekend in Reno visiting with family and being quite lazy. it was swonderful. we didn't do much really but it was a weekend well spent. we spent the days with my aunt and uncle hanging out, and spending our meals together. we attempted to cross the new fancy bridge, cheered on my aunt at karaoke, enjoyed a thunderstorm, and watched the quail hop about the patio. the entire time i was full up on allergies. could barely hear a darn thing, i was beginning to get worried. there was some serious congestion going on. the dry air was quite unkind to the not-so-friendly polyp in my nose and while i was indeed physically miserable, i was so happy we visited. we also squeezed in a lovely breakfast with a favorite nervousness friend. it is so dandy to manage a moment or two when you can with people you enjoy.
blueberry, nectarine shortcakes for breakfast
a smidge o happy color
basil, mozarella & blackberry panini
we thought next time to add honey, and change the cheese.
they love uncle jeffy, they really do.
 the drive to reno from the tiny casa is about eight hours. destiny allowed us to break it up into two drives thanks to Tara of The Pink Couch who was visiting family in California. that drive was about five hours long and we left a smidge before rush hour and still made it for a few hours of chatting before sleep got the best of us. the next morning was spent with more chatting, good food, a little walk and the kiddos attaching themselves to mr. a-go-go. you should have seen us dorkily trying to snap a few good shots of the fancy panini we put together. yup, we really do travel with cameras attached. we did not have nearly enough time for visiting so i hope we can make it out their way on our little biggish road trip at the end of summer. keeping fingers crossed.
 cheers to family and friends. good people are always keepers!

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