Thursday, June 14, 2012

yogurt a-go-go

 a couple of weeks ago, during teacher appreciation week at the preschool, one of the parents brought us each a lovely breakfast of  a yogurt parfait in a happy mason jar. since i work as an assistant, much of the days is scrambling from one room to the next so i was not able to breakfast on the jar of delicious. i did remember to bring it home and after it traveled along on a few errands it was not nearly as pretty when i got it home as it was in the morning.
i'm not really the biggest fan of sweet yogurt. i like it in my smoothies and as a savory side of raita but never quite befriended it partied up with fruit and such. but how could i refuse a gift in a jar? an edible gift no i plopped down on sofa and dipped my spoon into the gooey mess and became enraptured with what i feasted on. this was the most amazing breakfast for lunch EVER!
the following week, i had a chance to wax poetic over the pretty parfait and the creator laughed and told me of the great battle she battled to craft something both tasty and pretty.
after picking up all the ingredients for home...
it is safe to say...
i am hooked.

**it really was quite pretty in the jar with all the layers splendidly separate. the first parfait i made at home was in a jar and far from pretty. man, it takes skill to layer up yogurt in a jar.

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