Wednesday, June 06, 2012

wind and sprinkles and bad smoothies...oh my!

The wind is blowing up something fierce so now I am certain I am covered, covered, covered in miniscule bits of pollen. Evil, evil pollen. It is now time for a shower and a nap...other than the sniffy-drippy non-working sniffer, allergies make me ever so sleepy. Y A W N.

I dropped my happy yellow cupcake with tiny ranbow sprinkles into the leggy fern that sits outside our backdoor. I swear that green monster is trying to sneak into the tiny casa to scatter its allergy inducing spores all around. Poor yellow cupcake with tiny rainbow sprinkles. It was a gift from a pair of birthday kiddos at the school. Fern covered spores and all it did not prevent me from taking its picture. I also may have scraped off the icing and eaten the cakey goodness. What? It was a gifted birthday cupcake, can't let it go to waste.

I also seem to have lost my smoothie making mojo. The last three smoothies I made progressed from meh to blech. Even with the non-working and disabled sniffer the smoothies were T E R R I B L E. I shake my head in smoothie-making shame. Sniff.

Let's hope tomorrow is a happier wind-free, tasty-smoothie filled kind of day.

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  1. I just made my first selfmade smoothie. I could taste the health!