Wednesday, June 27, 2012

summer sipping

 One of the teachers at the preschool I work at brought her ice cream maker into the classroom. Instead of a custard, she poured a pint of lemonade into the bowl, turned it on and then magic happened. Totally floored by this idea it was all I could do NOT to go out and buy an ice cream maker that very day. i know this is all probably old news to many of you but I love when I learn something new. Especially when it involves tasty treats! 

Our young house guest has kept us on our toes and while she mostly favors the mister, she puts up with me I think because I make her bake cookies or mix Ovaltine and now, thanks to the sister a-go-go's ice cream maker, make frozen lemonade.
This is so easy, it is silly. Assemble your ice cream maker, pop the frozen container into place, poor oodles of beverage of choice (we used pomegranate lemonade) into the bowl, cover and turn on.
Ten to fifteen minutes later, yer in for a treat! We found a fuller bowl made a better treat. The texture is much like an icee or slurpee. Much smoother than what you can get put of the blender. I think cherries on top would be extra spiffy but I couldn't find where I put them so strawberries were our garnish. 

Happy sipping!


  1. sounds delicious and super easy!i'll have to try it~thanks for sharing :)
    i've been making up some ice cream in our new ice cream maker-it''s a lot of fun!

  2. Ooooooo.....tastyyyyyy!

  3. I just resisted buying an ice cream maker today and now this...I feel it's a sign.

    it is a sign, right?

  4. oh yes! it is TOTALLY a sign! wait till you see the other recipes i'm thinking of.