Tuesday, June 26, 2012

summer busy

We had a weekend of house guests. When house guests arrive we usually hit the beach and so that is just what we did. Armed with printouts for our reservation, we packed up to cars and hit the Buchon Trail where we opted to go the shorter route to keep the pipsqueaks less cranky. The shorter route was still a bit on the long side but our youngsters eked it out and were rewarded with an isolated beach, caves and red footed guillemots in abundance.
After we had our fill of the caves, we hiked on back to the car and drove a short minute to Spooner's Cove where we spent the day filling up pails, looking for jade, and throwing stones in the water. In the hopes we could coax the kiddos into naps, we wandered back home as quiet as could be. It was not meant to be so instead, we dressed cool and filled ourselves up on Yo Gabba Gabba before trekking to the homestead for a dinner of all sorts of good bits.
The next morning we breakfasted at the Madonna Inn, but of course and parted ways. I still had one kiddo in tow and so we hit up the cove again for more jade hunting, stone skipping and seagull shooing. Good, good times. I'm still looking forward to a nap in the next few days.

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  1. Beautiful day-capturing photos (but of course)...

    This post made me want to throw the kids in the car and come to you NOW NOW NOW!!!!