Saturday, June 30, 2012

paint and fold

 When it came time to do up the june bed, I knew I wanted to paint some newspaper and create some sort of geometric fun. 
Soooo...out came the newspaper (which I horde from the mama a-go-go's newspaper bin) and the paints and I painted away, both the fronts and the backs of a couple of sheets of newspaper.
After I all that paint dried, I cut the pieces up into square{ish} bits and then cut some of those into smaller square{ish} bits. I folded each piece in half then in half again; then I opened them up and folded in the corners as if I were making a cootie catcher.
 Then I took the whole shebang to the bedroom along with a roll of double stick tape and got to taping.
The double stick tape is a bit wonky and likes to eject various squares off the wall (usually while one is visiting dreamland). As long as the square{ish} bit doesn't land tape-side down in yer hair, it's all good....kinda like an evolving art installation (or a mess, if you ask the mister). 

Every day is a different bit of pretty!


  1. So that's what those things are called...."Cootie Catchers"...I always thought of them as "Boyfriend Pickers"!
    Nice colors, by the way.