Monday, June 25, 2012

once, upon a time...

before I got lazy but then got sick, the mister and I went on a wander...
 We walked up, up, up and stip-stepped across sandy sand making sure not to step on the great pilgrimage of wandering pill bugs. At least, I did. I fear the mister just stip-step-stomped his way up the hill but really he is far more graceful than I am which is a very good reason to have him wander behind me, you know, to catch my fall when I stumble because I always do. Stumbling happens when one's eye is affixed to the camera.
 As we stip-stepped up, up, up; we heard a thrashy-crashing which turned out to be a posse of cows trip-trupping down, down, down the hill (and through the poison oak). One bovine, in particular did a most graceful careen down the oak covered hill. She spun with wild eyes and a long lowing song. I think that one in the middle there is her, you can tell, she is giving me the stink eye and thinking I must be jealous of her choreography, She would be right.
 As always when I wander, I stop...quite take pictures and sigh over all the pretty around me. Each view of the path ahead is something I love. The flowers, no matter I have seen them (and photographed them) before, I must stop and sigh and snap, snap, snap a picture or two, or three, or four.
 Pretty pink papery flowers that tickle my fancy. I crouch low and photograph up. I stand over them and photograph down, all the while asking the mister if it smells good where we are. If it is a sagey smell or perhaps juniper-like. Is it grassy? Green? Sweet? Most of the time he is kind and tells me it doesn't smell much like anything at all yet I am certain he is lying and there must be some sweet scent wafting by.
And so we wander and I stop and the mister patiently stops with me as I crouch down, down, down to spy the large ants busy at their work...
 Or as I stand still, still, still to catch the deer sneaking past.
 Or even stiller as the mama turkey gobbles and clucks her way through the grass, chicks in tow.
Once upon a time before I got lazy but then got sick, the mister and I went on a wander...I'm certain we will do so again...


  1. Sigh...I love this post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really love that first photo. So simple.