Thursday, June 07, 2012

making paper chains

When Miss Za proclaimed she wanted a Black Apple birthday party, the Za Ma and I went giddy with old fashioned excitement. With pie in our eyes and vintage prints dancing in our heads we plotted to create a most vintagey bit of birthday lovely. The first step was choosing a color palette. Once the Za Ma chirped up with the vintage inspired, red and pale blue; I got to paper shopping, chain making and perhaps a stitched up yo-yo or two.

With the help of a paper cutter, the mister chopped up the pretty bits all nice and even. Leave me alone with a pair of scissors and paper needing cutting, I'll snip, snip away but it won't be anywhere near even. After setting up something to watch on Netflix, I settled on the floor with a handful of clothespins and a small bottle of tacky glue and got to gluing. It wasn't long before I abandoned the glue and hunted out the stapler. Not as pretty but it sure made the work go quickly. I ended up with two long, long chains. Perfect for decorating a happy Black apple inspired paper doll party.

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