Wednesday, June 13, 2012

do cloud pillows go to cloud pillow heaven?

 I had become quite attached to my cloud pillow. It replaced hippo even on our short overnights to L.A. (yup, I am a pillow hugger). It had even made it through a successful wash a handful of times. Sure it came out a bit lumpified but all it needed was a little tender lovin' and a bit o' pillow plumpin' and all was right with my happy little cloud.

The last time it went through the wash a seam split and so I hastily whipped it up with a dose of blue thread and gently added it to yesterday's wash on a gentle cycle.

Upon lifting the lid to retrieve the mister's clean socks and such, I was greeted with a most shocking site (and I must admit, after my initial scream I may have fallen to the floor in laughter). Rest well dear cloud pillow. I hope that your successor is made of tougher stuff(ing).

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