Monday, June 11, 2012

crackles upon crackles

i've been drifting through the past two weeks in a muffled cloud of sniffs and snorts. my ears have been as clogged as the sniffer and i keep hoping they will clear soon so i can have at least that sense back. there are crackles. lots of crackles and the only thing loud is my own voice in my head. ick.

it never ends. i'm still in a tango with allergies. i know, still? yadda yadda yadd allergies...balh blah blah allergies...i am 41 years old and it seems in the throes of the longest allergy attack ever. my whole life it seems. one would think i was used to it but sadly i'm not. this latest siege has had me snurfling like some sort of sad parody of myself. i have gone through more boxes of tissue than i care to think about and the neti pot and i are on the outs. for the passed two weeks my ears have been filled with imaginery cotton and i walk around tilting my head at an angle as i questionably ask everyone "Eh?" crackle, crackle.

sigh. i've said it before, i'll say it again. i feel old. and whiney. whiney and old. and snurfley.

i sound like edith ann. i mean my voice actually sounds like hers. all i need is an enormous rocking chair. tee-hee.

so for the past few weeks i have been clutching tissue in my hands and stuffing all my pockets. i find strays in the wash and scattered bits in the bed like alien creatures who have succumbed to the sniffer. i have looked longingly at the food everyone is eating around me and wish i could taste, taste, taste. oh to enjoy a cup of tea in the morning. all i get is a crackle here and a crackle there. no tea. just crackles.

instead, i blow my nose and lecture the drips. i sniff and snort and hide out as i am a snurfled mess. i nod my head as if i can hear what people are saying and i count the days until i can visit another doctor and begin another round of evil meds.

other than the misery of this cloud i am in, i have nothing else to complain about (well...that's not exactly true, i'm still quite unhappy about that other big thing i am dealing with) and life is good. the casa is a mess but life is good.


  1. Bless you! I hope you're feeling better soon. ((hugs))

  2. Anonymous5:15 AM

    It's bad enough being old, but being sick during the summertime is THE WORST. The absolute worst. And that's the truth.

    Sending many healing thoughts your way - Kim

  3. You poor thing, that sounds miserable! I hope your next trip to the doc is a fruitful one.