Friday, June 29, 2012


 Today is a quiet-busy kind of day. The last of our most recent house guests have left and I am now up to my elbows in neon paint. I'm juggling all sorts of balls and my to-do list is ever growing longer. I owe multiple phone calls and really need to get back to planning meals for the mister and I. Phew!

I've got a big deadline today and since I am waiting for paint to dry (yes, physically waiting for it to dry so I can finish and get it to the post office) I thought I would take a break to drink a tall glass o' cold water, indulge in a handful of cherry sours (man, do I LOVE cherry sours), and give the dillydilly a shout. Things have been slow around these parts but I have all sorts of magic up my sleeve. May you have a most excellent weekend! I will be working on magic and returning phone calls, and maybe getting in a little bit o' baking or frozen drink making. We'll see. I's back to the crafty grindstone for me.

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