Tuesday, May 29, 2012

last week, in los angeles

we ate...
thai iced tea is a favorite
all the stuff that makes pho so good!
a new pho place! and good!
the pineapple aqua fresca was a hit
at Cook's we went tried something different (pulled pork)
at Fosselman's we shared three scoops. Yes, three!
 it's one of our favorite things to do while in l.a., aside from squeezing our friends (and my brother whom we did not get to see).

the places we hit:
Fantastic pho, not too salty. We stuck with the brisket but they had all the usual suspects plus many other dishes. The thai iced tea was really good. Strong and tea flavored, plenty sweet but not watered down or too sweet. We stopped in at 99 Ranch after for some lavender green tea, amaranth blossoms and owl brand ginger tea crystals.
Oh boy, do we love Cook's! The mister and I definitely have our favorites (I like the cubano while the mister loves the Zacateca) but we opted to split something new this time around. We ended up with the bbq pulled pork and it was incredible! Not overy saucy but so full of flavor and tender. The homemade bread was perfect with it. As accompaniment we had a smidge of their super tasty potato salad and a large order of sweet potato fries. We also split the pineapple mint aqua fresca. So good! 
Fosselman's is a bit of a tradition after Cook's or Banh Mi. The mister and I discovered that three scoops in a cup is cheaper than two separate scoops and when you can pick out three flavors instead of one, why not? My favorite flavor is the chocolate dipped strawberry which is like a straberry chocolate chip. Totally fresh and no too sweet, if you have a working sniffer the flavor is wonderful. They didn't have blueberry this time around so we opted for toasted almond and cherry vanilla as our other two scoops, both of which share a sweet cream flavor as opposed to a classic vanilla. The cherry seemed to be a sweet cream with maraschino cherries chopped up and mixed in making it light and perfect for a warm day. Again, Fosselman's tends to be less sweet than your chain shops. The horchata ice cream however is really sweet!
Oh blue Hen, I miss you so. All around the table we ordered the Blue Hen banh mi. It's made with chicken and comes with a side of carrot salad or their famous turmeric fries (which include yams). An extra order of fried for the table really hit the spot as did their classic iced Vietnamese drip coffee. 
Meh. I don't think I can recommend this place. Our server was great but the food was just so-so and stupidly overpriced. The Leets ordered the jumbo pancake with fruit and opted for blueberries as a topping which consisted of a smattering of berries as if they were an afterthought. Their begnets were too fried and hard while the eggs an taters were like any other breakfast diner fare.
Eat Well in Glendale is a favorite standby. Nothing fancy, it serves up your usual diner fare. The mister enjoys the Po Boy and their chilaquiles while I hop around from various sandwiches to french toast. This time around we split the turkey burger which was enormous and full of alfalfa sprouts. The fries are crinkle cut and tasty and if you go on the weekend you get a free piece of coffee cake which totally takes me back to junior high and the cafeteria sweets they made. Love! 

So there you go, if yer ever in Los Angeles, here are a few recommendations (plus one not to go to) from the a-go-gos. Happy eats!

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