Tuesday, May 15, 2012

just an average tuesday

 the noggin is far too full of projects and ideas for me to form a coherent post or sentence for that matter. today i snipped and stitched and swept and oh so slowly eked out a smidge of that confounding pile that has been haunting me since we moved into the new tiny casa almost one year ago.
i also baked some scones from scratch (which the mister promptly gobbled up, both before and after i sent some with him for the mama a-go-go when he left for the homestead to work on a project).
and hung things on the wall. it's the wee accomplishments that make our moments. or maybe it's just the scones....


  1. This ole nosy nose would love to see your new to you recovered sofa and the handmade birdbath.

    1. Hi Susan! Pics coming soooooon!