Tuesday, May 01, 2012

diy: wood and tulle necklace

 I have a wee love affair with tulle. I love the stuff. I had a dream I made this necklace which prompted me to stumble into the dark living room to write it down in the middle of the night before I forgot all about it like I usually do. Dreams can be so fleeting. My favorite tulle is hiding somewhere in the tiny casa so I had to venture out for a new swatch to make this necklace.The local fabric shop didn't have the color I was looking for but they were unboxing spools of this lovely coral which I swooped up. My original plan was to use a larger weave of tulle in a lighter color but I think I liek this way this tiny tulle stretches. Shall we?

*wooden balls (not beads)
*acrylic paint & paint brush
*thin ribbon or cord
*needle and thread
*fine mesh tulle
*sewing machine
*washi/masking tape (optional) 
 First up, paint the wood balls. I found a pack of balls at the craft store. They are about the size of a large marble. You can use beads if you already have them but I like the smoothness of the balls. Gather four or five balls and give them a coat or half coat of paint. Mix up your colors. I used thin strips of washi tape to create clean lines and/or small squares. Set aside to dry.
 While the paint is drying, gather up your tulle and cut a rectangle about two inches longer than your beads span. I recommend using the fine meshe tulle on spools. Fold over tulle so that it is a smidge wider than the width of one ball and stitch on the machine using a small zig-zag. Trim excess tulle and turn right-side out. You should have small tube with a seam along its length.

Once the balls are dry, remove tape pieces. Now you can gently place balls into the tulle channel. 
 Cut a length of thin ribbon or cord and handstitch to each end of the tulle tube. I twisted and folded the tulle around the ribbon and wrapped the contrasting thread as I stitched. I figured I couldn't hide the stitches so why not make them a part of the entire piece? Using the same thread, knot a small length between each ball and snip as close to the knot as possible.
If you used one length of ribbon like I did, simply snip in the middle after stitching to create the cord part of your necklace. Knot each end and tie around neck to wear!

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