Thursday, May 10, 2012

art for the may bed

 It seems that my new making the bed has me creating something handmade very month as well. It's a good thing as at least I have managed to make something, right? For the may bed I created a fun butterfly/mothy bit of art that had me painting a little here, and cutting a little there with some crumpling and some sewing thrown in for good measure. A throwback to kindergarten art if you will. To create yer own, here's what you need:

*acrylic paint 
*2 brown grocery sacks
*sewing machine and thread
To start, you will need to cut out your mothy butterflies. Fold two squares of newspaper in half and either draw your image or eyeball it. I used a large paper punch folded in half to act as a pattern and eyeballed the shape of the butterfly. I was really hoping to produce a moth effect but a butterfly looks like a butterfly. I need to practice a moth shape. repeat his step so you have four butterflies cut from newspaper.
On a paint friendly surface, open up your newspaper shape and blob some paint onto one side. Butterflies and moths have symmetry to stick to one side that will transfer to the other after you give it a good smoosh. Gently fold over dry side and give your paper a pat, a rub, and a smoosh. When pulling the paper open, move slowly as the acrylic paint is a bit tacky and may cause your paper to rip. Set aside to dry.

Add more details if you like such as dots and such. I used my neutrals first then added hot pink and other colors second. Lastly, I added a darker line in the center to create the body of my insect. 

While the paint is drying, grab your grocery sacks and cut down one fold to the bottom and then cut out the bottom. You will have one large swath of brown paper, Cut this in half and repeat with your other sack. 
 Crumple up sacks and line up two horizontal pieces, side by side. Add a smidge of tape on the printed side to anchor them together and bring to your machine. Use a large zig-zag to stitch the paper together. The pieces are quite large and since you crumpled it all up already, simply roll the right side up and in, toward your needle. This should allow for a little wiggle room as you stitch. Repeat for the other two pieces. Next, grab some floor space and position your two pieces so that they form a square of sorts. Add some tape to the printed sides to anchor them a bit and bring the whole thing back to the machine. This is where you will need to roll up the right side a bit so get the whole thing to move through with driving you absolutely batty. Trim thread if ya like, I like mine a bit dangle and prepare to add your painted insects.
Arrange your butterflies as you please and remember their order. Bring the large swath of brown paper to the machine and stitch one butterfly into place with a large X that goes from the top left wing corner down to the lower right and then the top right down to the lower left. Repeat for all four butterflies. Mix yourself an iced coffee and take a breather.
Hang in a happy place using your preferred method of hanging, I used vintage button covered thumbtacks. Stand back, take a swig of iced coffee and admire your old school handy work.

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