Friday, April 20, 2012

out the window

 On Wednesday, I spent a couple of hours in the office of an allergist hoping for some relief to this clogged nose of mine*. In between bouts of blowing into a tube and sucking on an inhaler I sat and rifled through magazines. I was moved from the exam room to the office a couple of times and as I sat in his office I looked out the window.

The doctor apologized for taking so long on the computer. I told him it was okay, it was nice to simply sit. As he tip-typed away and clicked this-a-way and that, I looked out the window. do you ever get the chance to simply look?

There was a flowering pomegranate tree brushing up against the glass, its red blossoms gently dancing in the breeze. There must have been half a dozen hummingbirds, throats all fuschia bright dipping into each blossom before flying away to enjoy the buzz.

Lizards scampered across the hot sand colored walls and a deranged towhee persistently battled itself on the balcony of the office across the way.

*yup, a now have insurance...sure we have ot pay oodles out of pocket and meet a semi-stupid deductible but I can now breathe deeply knowing I can breathe. Smell on the other hand is out of the questino. The doc won't give me the evil toxic meds that shrink my polyps so my nose works. Sigh. Eating has never been so un-fun. Might as well give me a food pill for all I can taste.


  1. Sorry to hear about your ill health - hopefully it'll turn a corner soon

  2. Anonymous3:32 AM

    It is a wonderful gift how you capture the beauty of a moment.