Monday, April 16, 2012

it's monday and i'm moving on...

...until i'm not and the blues come back.
So, we all have our moments, right? Good moments, not-so-good moments. And so we laugh or cry or freak out or bury ourselves on the sofa under a pile of thrifted vintage blankets and quilts, watching bad television on Netflix whilst possibly indulging in a half dozen or so Vanilla Jo-Jos and then Monday hits and we move on. We have to. The world doesn't stop spinning even though we wish it would. When I wrote out my sad-sack of a bottomless post on Friday, I was mighty fearful readers would think I was fishing for love and while the love does indeed keep a gal going, I posted the bottomless wallow as a way to connect and share, to keep me honest. It also helps me immensely to release those feelings and get them out of my heart even if they return on a regular basis. It's good for the soul. Good for mine at least.
And now it is Monday, time to move forward. Time to wash my face and put a smile on. Things aren't always gloomy-doom around here, there are good things. On Friday, we went on a rainy day wander where I became entranced with the large snails slowly making their way from one side of the trail to the other. We lunched with family at a favorite burger joint, hung out with the nephew a-go-go and picked up root beer float fixings (there's a tiny story to that I may remember to write about later). We watched good movies and bad movies, ran errands and spent the weekend out and about. Today I had work and even though there was an incident that involved a tiny overflowing toilet and a wonky mop it also involved kiddos racing to fit themselves into my lap. Tonight is breakfast for dinner night at the homestead and I am bringing homemade beer bread. The ukes will come out and the visit will be dandy.
Tomorrow I will finish projects and call my sister back. I haven't had time to plug into the phone and she is at the top of my list. Oh and did I tell you, I got my hair cut? Chopped it off and am loving it except for right now at this moment I look like a deranged mall walker or something. Oy. Tomorrow I will have some crafty pretty to share. Happy Monday and thank you for you!

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  1. I just read the post you wrote on April 13th and thought to share this blog post with you
    The Shutter Sisters are amazing people and this post is particularly meaningful to me. I often ask myself "how to live", not sure I got the answer yet.