Tuesday, March 06, 2012

a thrifting i will go...

I miss the days when thrift shopping meant I came home with an enormous black trash bag fuller than full of vintage dresses, slips  and sweater sets that cost me no more than $2 apiece. Still, I guess I cannot argue the value of a huge pile of goodness for under $70. Let's just chock it all up to inflation shall we?

A few days after my brother's return home from the hospital we hit up a pair of pretty fantastic thrifts (and then I checked out for a quick spin through one other). I was on the hunt for vintage linens, as always, the mister was looking for a cast iron skillet, and the brother was looking for a specific bike. It goes without saying that I needed a little bit more time than they did so I felt a wee bit rushed and thus probably spent more than I should have.
The first thrift turned up some awesome crocheted throws, a tablecloth and spiffy brand basics I have been hunting for to put towards my "new" wardrobe vision (think linen, pantaloons and petticoats). The next thrift scored me some pretty linens, pajama bottoms to turn into pantaloons, a pretty linen jacket from J. Jill and more. My final solo spin (I claimed I was heading out for a coke due to crazy asthma and sugar craving and I did pick up said coke, I did. I also nipped up to the thrift. Sniff) scored me a bag full of vintage bias tapes and trim, some funky teal shorts from Thailand and a few other things I probably tucked away for safe keeping and now will probably never find.

I do have a thing for the thrift. Blame my mother, she started it all what with us being um...poor and all that. She had such a way of turning a necessity into something fun and I will forever be grateful that she passed it on to me. The thrifting up here in happy town isn't as vintagey as I would prefer but I suppose at this point I am up to my elbows in vintage and well, the mister is over his limit, methinks. It's also probably a good thing as we are officially broker than broke (but with new wheels) and I really don't need anything other than a smaller cast iron skillet, some more closet staples and vintage queen sized linens. I really need some queen sized linens. We tried making the bed yesterday and not one of the five (FIVE) pretty floral fitted beauties cut the mustard. Drats! The good thing about that is now I can cut up those pretty linens without feeling like I am sacrificing any future pretty bed making supplies. It's time to get to crafting...until I run out of supplies and need to dash off to the thrift...just to see...

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    The blanket is very pretty!