Thursday, March 15, 2012

i had this {not so} brilliant idea

 I had been planning on making up a batch of happy popcorn for a St. Patrick's Day post for scrumdilly-do! I think I was craving the salty sweet and the idea of salty popcorn with melty marshmallows and m&ms sounded soooo good. I also picked up a small container of Hot Wasabi Peas thinking that extra little kick would be delightful. I had never purchased this brand before but the price was right so I went with it. Boy Howdy these babies are HOT! Too hot for me. I'll stick with the chocolate and marshmallows.
I also spent the day hanging out with kiddos at the school I work at. It was a bit of a crazy day and I laughed a lot. They crack me up. I came home and flopped on our battered and borrowed sofa for a breather before getting up and taking care of dishes, pulling down the pile of clothes that has been growing in the bedroom and mixing up the popcorn. I also got a little old school and worked on some tissue paper rainbows for the 'do. I have an annoying cough and a wheezy wheeze and feel a bit pooped. After I tackle that pile I pulled down it will be time for dinner and then I will rest. I hope.

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  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    I love rainbow happies!!!

    And I could never, ever do wasabi peas. Other kinds of wasabi-ish stuff, yes. But no wasabi peas for me!! :) and *hugs*