Saturday, March 10, 2012

hello morning

it wasn't my parched throat or stuffier than stuffed up nose that woke me up this morning. it wasn't the too loud duet of jogging girls that ran past my window or the growing grumble of cars zipping by on the highway or the stompy stompiness that is our upstairs neighbor as he jumps up to shower for the third time that night. no, what stirred me from dreams of skinny three-story-tall shops, painted pieces of wood and plastic gloves covered in hair dye, was the tiny sound of singing birds that sounded just like fairy-sized horses. i couldn't even begin to replicate the sound that woke me but it was tiny and happy and pretty magical until the staccato tick-tick-tick of whatever it was that haunted me throughout the night jumped in. i still don't know what the ticking sound is (was?). it was so pervasive that i even dreamed of it driving me crazy. that dream became black and white and all angles a la a german expressionist film. all night long that tick-tick-tick invaded the noggin causing me to stir and bolt upright. in my dream it turned out to be a bent blind on the window fixture but in real a-go-go time it remains a mystery. it is heard most clearly through one ear as i slept on either side. tick-tick-tick. i would sit upright and the sound would disappear. it was and is positively kooky.

i also dreamt of a necklace found in that skinny three-story tall shop. a necklace so spiffy i had to draw a picture and write down a description of it to see if i could make it. i do hope it actually came from my dream and not from some blog or pinterest pin, i hate when i think i thought of something only to find it came from someone else's crafty brilliance that was so cool it collected in the noggin making me think i thought of it.

i spent most of yesterday huddled on our borrowed and beat up sofa (someday we'll get to recovering it) under thrifted blankets and quilts battling the chilliest of chills and feverish of fevers. i made the mistake of going into work and then got sent home. i felt lame and misunderstood and not at all like the 41 year old i am supposed to behave like. i watched bad crime television and read two books and nibbled on saltines as i sippy sipped up the sweet and sticky nectar that is called coca-cola.

so now i am up and the fever has broken. the chills are the chilly kind as i really should put on a sweater and my cabin fever has me anxious and cranky and clueless as to what to do. there is some school prep i need to take care of at least and hopefully a photo walk or something. maybe some food other than crackers will be in order as well. i have no idea. all i know is that the plans i had made for march are already kerfungled as the month is moving too quickly and i have been knocked down again...each month i say it and i hope it to be true but i really do hope april is different.

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