Friday, March 30, 2012


 The allergies are still mucking up the brain big time. I can't really fathom what I did this week outside of work at the preschool but I do know my brain has been overflowing with ideas. Ideas that appear to simply float about the noggin in a safe bubble with no need to escape at all. Sigh. I did not craft a single thing up...I did however bake some gingerbread birthday goodness for a sister-a-go-go, so I suppose that is something, right?

I am reading a fabulous book that is so engaging to me it is difficult to put down. It's not your normal kind of read so when I tell people the title they tend to look at me as if to say "Riiiiiight, enjoy" Anyhow, if you are at all interested in progressive education and/or democratic classrooms, I highly recommend The Discipline of Hope by Herbert Kohl who is, by the way, an amazing writer of quite a few books. While it is awesome and amazing, it makes me very sad and wanting of a kindred spirit to talk to about these ideas and such. And cue another sigh.
Last week I saw The Hunger Games with a group of new gals and while I enjoyed the movie muchly, I really wanted to steal away with all the dresses from District 12. I am a sucker for calico. And since this paragraph seems to be about confessions I have to admit that this week has been all about jordan almonds and bad t.v. I really wish I could have my nose back. This whole not smelling things is a bummer and there is really not much I fancy right now other than salty or sweet and what good is that?

Reading the above makes me feel a smidge hopeless over the integrity of this post. My blog has been lackluster as of late and I'm still trying to figure out if I am through with this business of blogging. Probably not as I really need the validation of any little thing I can get and yet I am quite moody and blue that I have been doing this for a decade and I see my projects and pics reposted all over the web and back and yet I've nothing to show for it. Cue a wee fit as I clench my fists and stomp about in a very whiny way and proceed to sigh. I'm a mess. A sad mess. And I feel so small and childish and churlish and all assortments of other ish and I'm wondering what pics will look pretty and cohesive to this post. Not a clue....not a clue.**

Thank goodness I can still laugh at myself. Thank goodness for that...and bread. Fresh baked crusty bread with melty butter and black pepper on top. No, wait...with butter and homemade jam on top. No...wait...with tomatoes marinated in balsamic, garlic and olive oil on top. Man, I wish I had some crusty bread...

**I went with random pretty. I hope it works...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

fuzzy wuzzy

 I've been experiencing a case of bad brain as of late. Not the kind of bad brain where the world is dark and gloomy and not the kind where I'm feeling all failure-like but the kind where my brains has ceased to function. It's all cloudy and fuzzy and I have become forgetful. We can blame it on the weather or maybe my thyroid or perhaps it is the menopause or the extra pounds on my body but I lay blame on all the pollen that has been careening about the pretty air here on both clear days and wet. I have been a bleary-eyed, runny nosed, lethargic, sneezy mess. Ugh, allergies.

I have also been quite forgetful and fuzzy and foggy and a wee bit clueless even. I woke up (almost) bright and early and (almost) ready to go. I (kinda) knew the plan for the day but did any of it get done? Sigh. Not only did I not really accomplish much other than the promised scones to the mister and some dinner prep, I managed to forget the staff meeting that was scheduled for today. I knew it was today, at least, I knew it was to be on March 27. I today was the 27th. Yeesh!

And here I type something other than what I had wanted to because these darn allergies made me forget what I was going to type. See? It's a trap and I am completely useless...for now. I hope tomorrow will prove to be less fuzzy, less snoofly and more something.

 And it is only Tuesday...uh-oh.

Monday, March 26, 2012

a walk between the raindrops

 Yesterday, the mister and I took a wander along a muddy road. It had poured during the evening but cleared up a smidge enough for us to wander for an hour or so.  I do love a good wander. Pretty, don't ya think? The title of this post is a tribute to my mamos who would have celebrated a birthday today. I miss her dearly.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

weekend busy

 I spent the weekend stitching up pillows and stuffing some of them. Where oh where is that other bag of stuffing? There was also rice dying and Netflix watching and movie watching and cookie baking and family visiting. Last night it stormed like crazy but we still managed a walk before the next downfall. My allergies are still driving me batty. Does anyone else out there get crazy sleepy when the sneezies arrive? Oy! This week I hope to tackle a huge list of crafty. Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

one of those mornings

 I had a dilly of a time waking up this morning. My eyes would open and register relative darkness and I'd close them again for just a moment. It was my favorite kind of morning. The kind where the air outside the blankets is cool enough to make you think of an early summer morning. The kind that tickles at your nape and whispers you back to sleep where you dream of sweet things. The kind of morning where the birds are out and about and even though the window is shut you can still hear their morning song. The kind of morning where you know it is okay to sleep in. You probably shouldn't but there is nothing pressing you to rush, rush, rush until of course you do fully waken and see the clock and think where did the time go?
So I slept in this morning. I blame it all on the time change. The bedroom is still quite dark, darker than it was a few weeks ago so my usual early wake-up has become not-so-early and on days like today, downright late. It's almost noon and the casa is still dark and gloomy from the grey skies outside. Oh, and just to clarify, I woke up a smidge before ten this morning. One minute it was eight-thirty and the next it was almost ten, yikes! Since I have been awake, I have torn apart the tiny casa looking for my camera battery charger with no luck (I am doomed), popped soaked chickpeas into the crock pot, cooked up a batch of quinoa and enjoyed some hot ginger tea and a bowl of ahem...Lucky Charms. I also put on mostly normal clothes (not pajamas) and ran a brush through my hair. I am semi-presentable. Go me.
Today's plan includes a lot of errands and projects. I have been itching for a haircut for a few weeks now but with the charger missing I think I will have to wait. Why do battery charges cost so much? Why do haircuts cost so much? I'm thinking of just sticking a bowl atop the noggin and handing the mister a pair of scissors. I am that desperate. I am also up to my eyeballs in buttermilk and have been searching for recipes to utilize it all. I usually use up most of it but then end up with a sad and icky cup for the sink. I am trying to actually use what we have and so far, I have one scone recipe and one pancake recipe. Maybe I will double up the pancakes and keep them in the freezer. They toast up quite nicely after a snuggle in the toaster. I'm lacking in good words right now. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and today is not so. I probably would not do well in Portland, OR. I do like the grey but I prefer reading and lazing about on those days. Sunny days for me are for doing. Yesterday after work, I popped open the window, loaded a record onto the turntable, opened up all the blinds and went all stitch happy making pillows for the school I work at. I also maybe danced about the tiny casa in between sewing machine runs and Pinterest gazing. Maybe.

And now it is time for a smoothie...and a walk to the market. We need Pita bread and last time I tried to make it, it was a disaster. Tonight we're having homemade falafel with quinoa tabouleh on the side.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

i like beer... my bread.
 Last month I found this nifty recipe through Pinterest and immediately set out to make it. I even got carded buying the brew, how cool is that? This recipe is super-duper easy and quite tasty as a savory side or smothered with butter and jam. We have never had enough left over to try making grilled cheese with it but someday I hope to do just that.
If you try this, go for the lightest beer you can find. Miller Light works dandy and in fact is even better than a Pilsner which has too much flavor. We found that using a cold brew makes for a better texture and you can use a bit less melted butter on top. Either go for an unsalted butter bath with some coarse salt ground on top or use a small amount of salted butter and omit the salt. Happy baking.
Beer Bread on Pinterest. Found via Mint with original recipe from Honest Fare. I can't seem to get into Honest Fare to link it up...I'll add it as soon as I can get in.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

weekend pics and thoughts

It rained quite a bit this weekend. Not too much was accomplished. Spent the night in watching a favorite 80s flick.  We also managed a mucky, muddy hike out in relatively dry weather. My head has been full of things too complicated for my sad brain to articulate. Things like what a "successful" blog is and why we do this, nifty techy products that are really not environmentally sound, being taken for granted, and wondering how to fit into a world full of parents when I am not one. The tiny casa has been cold and when I am cold I am not very productive. It's a good thing I live on the west coast with mostly mild weather. I need to get off my duff and get productive. I also need to get rid of them darn ants that keep partying in the kitchen.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

i had this {not so} brilliant idea

 I had been planning on making up a batch of happy popcorn for a St. Patrick's Day post for scrumdilly-do! I think I was craving the salty sweet and the idea of salty popcorn with melty marshmallows and m&ms sounded soooo good. I also picked up a small container of Hot Wasabi Peas thinking that extra little kick would be delightful. I had never purchased this brand before but the price was right so I went with it. Boy Howdy these babies are HOT! Too hot for me. I'll stick with the chocolate and marshmallows.
I also spent the day hanging out with kiddos at the school I work at. It was a bit of a crazy day and I laughed a lot. They crack me up. I came home and flopped on our battered and borrowed sofa for a breather before getting up and taking care of dishes, pulling down the pile of clothes that has been growing in the bedroom and mixing up the popcorn. I also got a little old school and worked on some tissue paper rainbows for the 'do. I have an annoying cough and a wheezy wheeze and feel a bit pooped. After I tackle that pile I pulled down it will be time for dinner and then I will rest. I hope.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

knocking on wood and melty melty goodness

 After trying to fall asleep for forty-five minutes or so, the mister finally found the source of the tick-tick-ticking that has been keeping me awake for the past week. The culprit was a tiny tin I had propped up on the headboard for a smidge of pretty. It was all my fault, me and my magpie ways. Sigh.

After the ticking stopped, I fell asleep as easy as pie and slept through till the morning with nary a fever or a chill. Even now as I type this, I am feeling mostly fine (we won't talk about my sinuses or how my ear hurts when I swallow). I am off to hang out with kiddos soon so let's hope I make it to the end of my shift. This time I am bringing a snack with me. Let's knock on all the wood we can find that this healthy streak holds up.

 Yesterday while trying to recover from the marathon sleep session, I managed a load of laundry, an errand run and a batch of homemade animal circus cookies. Today will be work, errands, another load of laundry and hopefully a rainbow project or two for the 'do. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

i've got chills

I've been sick off and on since last week. A weird kind of ick that has me feeling almost fluish. There are chills and fever that come and go and intense sleepiness, the kind where I sleep for fourteen hours and then feel swell for a day or two before I'm walloped all over again. Yeesh. One of the things I tend to do (more of) when I'm sick is babble...out myself. It doesn't matter if I'm home alone or out in public, I babble. Babble, babble, babble. When I catch myself in public, I crack myself up.

Yesterday was one of those ick days. I woke up fine and went to work and watched the kiddos. By the end of my shift, I was ravenous. I hit up Target to pick up my inhaler and some milk. As I waited for my prescription, I felt my energy level plummet. My body grew so very tired and I began to ache, ache, ache. by the time I made it back to the car, all I wanted to do was eat something. By the time I got home, all I wanted to do was sleep. I heated up a horrific microwavable lunch and managed two bites before I grew completely disgusted. If I wasn't menopausal and you know...infertile, I would swear I was pregnant. I tried watching a netflix dvd but kept dozing off so I admitted defeat and crawled into bed.

The mister came home from work and made me a smoothie. I fell asleep again and slept until this morning. No more fever, no more chills and I'm not at all sleepy. I'm tired but not sleepy. My body seems to be really attractive to viruses. I hope this one goes away.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

hello morning

it wasn't my parched throat or stuffier than stuffed up nose that woke me up this morning. it wasn't the too loud duet of jogging girls that ran past my window or the growing grumble of cars zipping by on the highway or the stompy stompiness that is our upstairs neighbor as he jumps up to shower for the third time that night. no, what stirred me from dreams of skinny three-story-tall shops, painted pieces of wood and plastic gloves covered in hair dye, was the tiny sound of singing birds that sounded just like fairy-sized horses. i couldn't even begin to replicate the sound that woke me but it was tiny and happy and pretty magical until the staccato tick-tick-tick of whatever it was that haunted me throughout the night jumped in. i still don't know what the ticking sound is (was?). it was so pervasive that i even dreamed of it driving me crazy. that dream became black and white and all angles a la a german expressionist film. all night long that tick-tick-tick invaded the noggin causing me to stir and bolt upright. in my dream it turned out to be a bent blind on the window fixture but in real a-go-go time it remains a mystery. it is heard most clearly through one ear as i slept on either side. tick-tick-tick. i would sit upright and the sound would disappear. it was and is positively kooky.

i also dreamt of a necklace found in that skinny three-story tall shop. a necklace so spiffy i had to draw a picture and write down a description of it to see if i could make it. i do hope it actually came from my dream and not from some blog or pinterest pin, i hate when i think i thought of something only to find it came from someone else's crafty brilliance that was so cool it collected in the noggin making me think i thought of it.

i spent most of yesterday huddled on our borrowed and beat up sofa (someday we'll get to recovering it) under thrifted blankets and quilts battling the chilliest of chills and feverish of fevers. i made the mistake of going into work and then got sent home. i felt lame and misunderstood and not at all like the 41 year old i am supposed to behave like. i watched bad crime television and read two books and nibbled on saltines as i sippy sipped up the sweet and sticky nectar that is called coca-cola.

so now i am up and the fever has broken. the chills are the chilly kind as i really should put on a sweater and my cabin fever has me anxious and cranky and clueless as to what to do. there is some school prep i need to take care of at least and hopefully a photo walk or something. maybe some food other than crackers will be in order as well. i have no idea. all i know is that the plans i had made for march are already kerfungled as the month is moving too quickly and i have been knocked down again...each month i say it and i hope it to be true but i really do hope april is different.

Friday, March 09, 2012

the march bed

I got walloped with a flu floating around town and have been sleeping more than not. Good thing I got the bed ll prettied up before the big wallop. Happy March!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

make a little rainbow

 Last month I whipped up a happy garland for one of the classrooms I work in. I utilized a large arty piece we had the kiddos paint up with oodles of glue, paint and glitter. It was such a happy garland it inspired me to create a bit of rainbow happy and now you can as well. Your kiddos can even get in on the fun.

*1 large sheet of paper (8"X17")
*ruler & pen
*acrylic paint
*white glue or mod podge
 Garb a large sheet of paper, I used white paper but newspaper would be pretty happy as well, and mark out six portions at two inches each. Fold paper using the marks as guides. The folds will act as guidelines for each color and if yer doing this project with kiddos, they can use their happy motor skills to fold and crease.
Set up paint. I love a rainbow. Instead of your classic rainbow, I went with its punchy-poppy cousin and used brighter lighters versions. Magenta, dark orange, yellow orange, lime and pale blue. Paint each fold one color and set aside to dry.
Once dry, pop out the mod podge and paint on a layer of sticky along the bottom of each color. Sprinkle with glitter and set aside to dry.
Once dry, use your scissors to cut out each row of color and then use your hands to tear each row into smaller pieces.
Now it is time to assemble the garland. I stitched mine up on the sewing machine but you can fold and staple or tape each piece to your yarn or string.
 Hang in a happy place!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

a thrifting i will go...

I miss the days when thrift shopping meant I came home with an enormous black trash bag fuller than full of vintage dresses, slips  and sweater sets that cost me no more than $2 apiece. Still, I guess I cannot argue the value of a huge pile of goodness for under $70. Let's just chock it all up to inflation shall we?

A few days after my brother's return home from the hospital we hit up a pair of pretty fantastic thrifts (and then I checked out for a quick spin through one other). I was on the hunt for vintage linens, as always, the mister was looking for a cast iron skillet, and the brother was looking for a specific bike. It goes without saying that I needed a little bit more time than they did so I felt a wee bit rushed and thus probably spent more than I should have.
The first thrift turned up some awesome crocheted throws, a tablecloth and spiffy brand basics I have been hunting for to put towards my "new" wardrobe vision (think linen, pantaloons and petticoats). The next thrift scored me some pretty linens, pajama bottoms to turn into pantaloons, a pretty linen jacket from J. Jill and more. My final solo spin (I claimed I was heading out for a coke due to crazy asthma and sugar craving and I did pick up said coke, I did. I also nipped up to the thrift. Sniff) scored me a bag full of vintage bias tapes and trim, some funky teal shorts from Thailand and a few other things I probably tucked away for safe keeping and now will probably never find.

I do have a thing for the thrift. Blame my mother, she started it all what with us being um...poor and all that. She had such a way of turning a necessity into something fun and I will forever be grateful that she passed it on to me. The thrifting up here in happy town isn't as vintagey as I would prefer but I suppose at this point I am up to my elbows in vintage and well, the mister is over his limit, methinks. It's also probably a good thing as we are officially broker than broke (but with new wheels) and I really don't need anything other than a smaller cast iron skillet, some more closet staples and vintage queen sized linens. I really need some queen sized linens. We tried making the bed yesterday and not one of the five (FIVE) pretty floral fitted beauties cut the mustard. Drats! The good thing about that is now I can cut up those pretty linens without feeling like I am sacrificing any future pretty bed making supplies. It's time to get to crafting...until I run out of supplies and need to dash off to the thrift...just to see...

Monday, March 05, 2012

and suddenly there were new wheels...

the last shot
farewell, Rodney
finding myself weepy
chunkier keys
meet Dr. Eleanor Teeth
It took two and a half hours from final test drive to key exchange to add Eleanor to the family. It took less than twenty minutes to say farewell to Rodney. It was bittersweet indeed. Rodney my friend, for thirteen years you did me proud and took me and the mister all over this fine country. Thank you. Here's to new adventures!