Saturday, February 04, 2012

what happened to friday?

 I was up and out early for job-o number one and ran around all day too busy to let my mind wander. By 11:45, at closing circle time I was yawning as if I hadn't had a nap in forever. By the time I made it home and ate lunch and sat down, I knew it was a losing battle. I had a list (as usual) but instead, I watched a dvd and grew all sloopy eyed and ate too many m&ms. Even the two cups of green tea (and super slugs of coke) didn't help. My allergies had returned with a full vengeance kicking out my sniffer and adding a rumpus room in my chest. By 7:30, after an attempt at reading and a solo round of bananagrams, I was out for the count. I woke up about an hour ago and the mister and I chatted about this whole car buying thing we're in the middle of. He was awake because of the party allergens tickling my throat making me cough, cough, cough and all the worry he has in his head to make sure we negotiate a good and honest price. He's now back in bed and I'm drinking green tea, tip-typing up this thrilling encounter. I am super bummed the sniffer gave up without a fight and I really want to go out for breakfast but I am usually disappointed. I think the best thing about going out for breakfast is the company and lately I have been feeling more and more that the mister and I lack company (other than ourselves and family) in a BIG way. Man, it is hard to make friends in your 40s. I really wish we could have people over for food and fun but we don't have friends up here (I'm working on a few lovely ladies so who knows, maybe some day?) and even in L.A. we didn't have people who would come over for food and fun. We tried but people were/are busy and who has time, right? Now I'm feeling all pity-party. Piffle. Let's just add that as another goal on my list. Make Friends. I kinda suck at that. About as much as I suck art keeping a tidy casa. I keep mentioning those boxes? Yup...still there and even more collapsed and fallen over than before. Oy.

Today I still may go out for breakfast. I want foody food. Then I have work to do and fun to do and cleaning to do and by golly, something WILL get crossed of the list. I need to plan a craft night...though I wonder if anyone would show up. I probably need to ask people first, right? Would you believe I am actually shy? Yes. Yes I am. So there ya go. A tale of sleepy sleep, vacationing sniffers and a girl and her mister sorely in need of friends. Let the adventure begin!


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    My best friend-making experience of my forties has been via ukulele stuff - you guys should totally check out that uke club up there!

    When the days start getting longer I want to do a day (or mebbe overnight) trip up to your neck of the woods. I would LOVE to go out to breakfast with you and the mister!

  2. i can totally relate to this. we moved 19 months ago and have yet to really make the kind of friends where you can call be spontaneous or just drop by (very hard with danes to ever reach that point, as they LOVE to have very packed calendars and normally can only book in for something like breakfast 6 weeks from now, when frankly, i have no idea if i will want breakfast).

    i would say that it helps if you have children, but honestly it doesn't help that much, as all you have in common with those people is that you both bred at the same time.

    i tried finding other horsey people at a riding club, but not even that helped, as many of the potential friends there aren't really horsey people at all, but just people who are supporting their child's interest.

    it's hard to find friends and at times i feel pretty bummed about it, but i just keep trying. and have quite a lot of friends online, which actually is a pretty good substitute, at least sometimes.