Monday, February 20, 2012

the stand-in for the february bed

 I have yet to take a picture of the February Bed and being that I spent a good two weeks down at my brother's, not to mention that he is the guy who built my bed, I thought his would make for a nice stand-in. He even said I should take a picture of it. 
 If you thought my bed was nifty wait till you check this out. Mine is just an awesome headboard, his is the whole shebang. Four posts, crystal door knob details, iron work and scalloped wood all has me swoony-swoon-swooning.
  I'll get you a picture of the February Bed at home later but for now, enjoy!

**if you live in the Los Angeles or Pasadena area you can order up a headboard from this guy...he's awesome. Yay for recovery! 

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