Wednesday, February 01, 2012

oh dear

Today I made the realization that not only am I becoming my mother but I am becoming my grandmother as well (not really a bad thing, just a thing thing). This discovery hit me on the head as I walked around the tiny casa this morning only half dressed for work. I was only half dressed in an attempt to keep my sorry too-big-for-me jeans from having to be tugged up even more than usual when it was time for me to crawl around with the kiddos at job-o number one (which by the way, is my only job right now, my allergies got the best of me at job-o number two so I am on standby until they move to their new location). I thought that if I waited until it was time to actually walk out the door, maybe the falling off part of my jeans could be delayed. Then, as I stood at the kitchen sink eating a banana and mumbling to myself I realized I was kinda cold and I looked down at my self and busted out laughing. Not only was I half dressed, I was crazy-lady half dressed. There was my top, it was on, and my skivvies, of course but then once you got bellow my knees the wonkiness showed. I only had one sock on (purple, red, orange and cream striped knee) but both fuzzy slippers.

Yeah. Crazy.

Why one sock you might ask?  I grabbed my pile of clothes from the bedroom to change in the bathroom as I had already opened the blinds in the bedroom but one of my socks was not a part of the grab. It just ditched me and left my left foot wanting. So there you have it. Whereas granny would clomp around her Glendale apartment in brassiere, knee high tan stockings and matching 1970s clompers, I bring in a new milleniumish flair with one stripey sock and fuzzy slippers.

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