Friday, February 17, 2012

guest blog: the pink couch

 Hello - hello! It's Tara from The Pink Couch! Since our friend Jessica is a bit busy down in LA, I thought this would be the perfect time to hi-jack her blog and post something pretty for the weekend! My daughter Alaina and I just wrapped up a very long science project for her 2nd grade class this week. We were testing the strength of paper against the weight of fruit. Subsequently, I now have ALOT of left over fruit in the kitchen. So while I played around with different fruit-dessert ideas I remembered an old favorite - Infused water or as we call it Spa water. (From my days of working in a Spa. :))
The best part of making Infused waters is creating a combination of fruits that will suit your taste. My absolute favorite is Cucumber - Strawberry. Sweet but with the freshness of the cucumber. I think it's the perfect summer water to have on hand - and it's pretty too! 

Here's my super simple recipe! 
You will need: 1 pitcher of cold water, half of a peeled cucumber - sliced and 6 sliced strawberries

Push the fruit down into the water and let set for just a few minutes. Of course the longer you let the fruit and water blend together the stronger the flavors will be. If  you're planning on making this for guests, make it right before you'd like to serve it. I've found that the strawberries tend to use their vibrancy when I leave them in the water for too long (3+ hours) and they don't look as pretty as when I first slice them! I like fruit to look fresh! 
Since infused water has been around forever I'm sure you all might have some combinations that I haven't yet thought about! So, if you feel like sharing with us, what is your best and most favorite Spa water?  

Happy weekend everyone and thanks for having me!  ~ Tara


  1. I love pink couch!
    I wanna try you tips with fresh fruits, have a great weekend

  2. What a great idea! I have to try this! love the bright, summery colors of the flowers and table deco!

  3. but it's not summer!!

  4. I am new to The Pink Couch and she sent me your way.

    Cute place on the "net" you have here!

    Mommy Sauri~