Tuesday, February 14, 2012

frankenstein shoes and bad hair days

 I don't think I've ever had so much free time to peruse the internet or read or even write but my mind is lacking in focus and wanders so easily skipping from one memory or idea to the next like a lopsided bumblebee flitting from flower to flower. my eyes are quite tired, my lips chapped and my mouth has been parched even though I have been guzzling water like crazy and applying the bonnie bell like a tween on her way to the mall. My hair is a bit more sorry than usual, dry and frizzle-frazzy from this experience and the nose is once again without scent. So I am tired in more ways than sleep deprived and I have time, sort of, to tap into any stores of creativity that may be awake and all I can see is the evidence of last nights insomniac shoe search where I somehow believed it a good idea to fully embrace the idea of old lady shoes. You know...part frankenstein boot part nursing shoe all neutral and ready to blend in with sand. A solid shoe, a walking shoe and an admittedly quite unattractive vessel for one's foot. Thanks to the marketing wonders of the technological age I see these shoes pop up on every page and tab I read that allows ads and each time I think, man that is one ugly shoe...until I realize I almost, almost purchased that ugly shoe.

I did break down and buy a pair of jeans from Target as my one and only pair was in need of washing and I needed to be at the hospital. The pair I picked up fit for the most part but the waist hits my waist in a most uncomfortable spot and makes me feel squishy and a bit bumpas-like or rather kinda like kin to the Pilsbury Dough Boy. Bother.

I sit here in my brother's hospital room as he gently snores and drools his recent walk away. His body is still cradling one enormous cocktail of drugs and he is loopy and uncoordinated. I am a bit too warm in this window seat and feel a bit of a doze coming on and I am looking at those ugly shoes and thinking that maybe they aren't that bad. I am also wishing I could have overalls or coveralls...vintage style of course and found some on etsy and wouldn't they be awesome with a pair of stompy-clompy shoes or boots and pintucked blouse and wavy hair and...and...and...and then I thought I should get a perm! So if next time you see me and I look a fright just take my advice and do your best to never operate under stress and lack of sleep...you might end up with an unfortunate tattoo, piercing or perm as you stompy-clomp around in frankentstein shoes.

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