Monday, January 30, 2012

a wandering spider, mini adventure and the general goofiness of my days

 Last week I spotted a large black spider camping out in a corner of the tiny casa. It was crumpled in upon itself and I thought it might be dead. It wasn't. It also wasn't a black widow so I let the little guy hang out in the corner. A few days later, it was still a tiny crumpled mess of legs and spider and I thought once again, it must be dead. It wasn't. On Friday, I spotted the critter over my head halfway between its corner and the computer. On Saturday, it appeared to be having tea with a tangle of plastic elephants hanging over the computer. Today, it has made its way to sock monkey alley and I wonder, wonder, wonder what is going on in its noggin. And in the interest of honesty, yes, I walk into the living room and look to see where the spider has crawled off to. I also greet it, yes, I do. And every time I see it, I think it rather looks more like a squished raisin than a spider that has secretly crawled all over the perimeter of the room.

I know, intoxicating news, isn't it?
Saturday, the mister and I drove for hours and hours along a windy up and down kind of road where deer whispered along its edges and magpies ran in and out of our path. In the morning it was pretty and foggy and misty and we drove along in silence until the view grew less pretty and then we popped the old ipod on and listened to a new podcast. Our destination was Bakersfield where we test drove two different cars (back to back) to see if we could figure out which one was right for us and the crazy thing is we did and it wasn't the one we thought it would be. So now we have to seek out the best deal and make our offer and man, I can't imagine how you house hunters finalize your decision when this whole car dealio is so stressful. After the drives, we hit up a local burger joint and then hunted down an ice cream shop that seems to be THE place to taste. The drive home took longer, was less pretty but still allowed us to listen to podcasts and see deer, magpies and all sorts of birdies flying in the sky.
Sunday (today actually) I dashed about working on scrumdilly-do! posts, laundry, deep conversations with myself and really trying to figure out which project I want to pitch to a favorite website. The light now is almost past so I better figure it out and get it made so I can get it turned in by the deadline. At least I got my jeans washed. Seriously, I have one pair of jeans that sort of work but I can only wear them once before they begin to fall down. I suppose I should get a new pair but I am completely in between sizes and don't know what to do. So I wash my jeans...a lot. And in between I tug them up...a lot. I hate belts. Mister says I need suspenders. I think I may just need to thin out or plump up so I am no longer between sizes and speaking of sizes...what's up with the inconsistency out there? I tried on seven pairs of jeans last week and the three that fit sort of were all different sizes. Crazy pants!

Okee dokee, I need to find where I put my focus. Happy Monday folks!


  1. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Ohhhh I feel your pain with the jeans! Every attempt I make to buy new ones is a failure, but the ones I have are way big on my post-surgery body. And I hate belts too. So I'm in the same boat - I can only wear them once, and a lot of tugging-up goes on all day long.

    Even more frustrating, over the weekend I actually tried on all seven pairs I own in the same size from the same maker (and all bought at the same time), and no two pairs fit alike. Grrr.

  2. try adding a bit of wide elastic to the inside of the waistband on either side like they have in kids jeans. not a huge amount so as to look like granny jeans, but is enough to keep them up & still allow for fluctuation in size.