Thursday, January 12, 2012

snacky snacks

 I like to make things. Food things. Baked things, cooked things, steeped things. I like the process of chopping, pouring, and measuring. And I really like the part where I take a lovely picture. I'm also quite prone to laziness so that when I'm really ready for a bite but nothing is ready I could easily reach for a bowl of cereal or sneak out to a fast food dungeon. One of the plus sides of living here in SLO is that there are NO drive-thrus. Not a one! And, now that the nose works, I want to take advantage of it (until I lose it again as it is wont to do) and eat good things. So I make sure to hit the market and purchase such things. I still pick up crackers and bread and I still bake (the mister is a major snacker) but so far, I have not hit the cereal or the burger joints, instead I have a snacky lunch. My favorite kind.
A snacky lunch only works when you have the goodness on hand. You want a little sweet, a little crunch, a bit of protein and if you do grains, something whole and nutty. Last week, I was on a pear kick. I would halve a pear, add a handful of pecans, a couple slices of Dubliner cheese and two hard-boiled eggs with cracked pepper. Delicious! Yesterday I had a particularly delightful snacky snack of aged gouda, an apple, handful of walnuts, handful of multi-grain crackers, a slice of poached chicken and a wee square of delicious chocolate. So good! I also discovered that there are not too many of you out there who like walnuts. Interesting. I am so grateful I can eat nuts.

Earlier this week I baked a batch of Valentine's cake-mix cookies. They were fun, smelled crazy sweet and posed quite nicely for pictures. I ate one and was knocked over by the sweet. I'm not sure I mean that in a good way. Mister comes home and sees the cookies and partakes and then partakes some more all the while I holler at him to pace himself. I ate another one yesterday and I think I need to throw them away. They aren't awful but if yer gonna have temptation around, make sure it is worthwhile. They are perfect cookies for a group of kiddos who will demolish them in one sitting but not so Methinks I'm still dosed with a bit of grogginess. Here's to hoping I wake up...


  1. I was gonna say, "Where's the snacky snapshot?" I'll check back later. Your photos are always so happy.
    I LOVE walnuts. In fact, I've got a big ziploc bag of 'em in a kitchen cupboard. I keep saying I'm gonna bake something with 'em, but I can't stop popping them in my mouth!
    AND, I love snacking. My latest happy snack obsession are those perfect triangle portions of Laughing Cow swiss creamy cheese spread on crackers. I love cheese. MMMmmm...

  2. Holy moly that looks good!
    Going to hardboil some eggs RIGHT now!
    Have a happy day full of yummy smells!

  3. so i snacky snacked myself some breakfast and it was delightful! you and i now have yet another odd thing in common..walnut love! hee-hee! my boiled eggs got messed up and were impossible to peel. i hate that part! now, since i snacky snacked my breakfast, methinks it will be a smoothie lunch today. enjoy yer eggs!