Monday, January 23, 2012

rain, rocks and machines that suck...

 It's raining outside and the ground is wet, wet, wet. A sloppy, puddle filled kind of wet and I with no rainboots. Today I will be at job-o number one and I tell ya, when it rains, we still let the kiddos out. I wish I could find my Bert hat...and some rainboots. I saw some orange rainboots last weekend somewhere, I cannot remember where but now I wish I had bought them. Eeps!
The sad upstairs kitty was out in the rain all night, I think he is still out there and I need to corner the neighbor. Ick. I also need to (as usual) clean and organize. We did a smidge over the weekend and got thngs on the walls and a mini plan for others things...
...and we picked up a vacuum. One that can be strapped to your back like a backpack. The mister has been wanting one for years. It looks like a jet pack. I married a dork. And now we have cleaner floors.
We spent a few hours at the cove over the weekend looking for heart shaped stones and rocks with holes in them. We totally scored! We also ate a lot of homemade soup. Good stuff. I am in the throes of an allergy attack and need to hydrate myself like the dickens to keep from wheezey-wheeze-wheezing,

Ack, I gotta get to work...happy Monday!

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