Thursday, January 19, 2012

i am seriously lacking in cleverness this week

 I was up at 5:30 this morning and by 11am I had not accomplished nearly as much as I imagined. I have been knocked over the noggin with a lusty case of laziness. Stuff was done but not all the bits of craftiness that have been on my many lists of to-dos. Yup folks, this is how I roll. All I can say is I managed to NOT have cake for breakfast and there are clean clothes in a heap on the bed.

We're suppose to have rain for the next few days and our mini heat wave has fled for bluer skies. The tiny casa was not exactly built for temperature. The very loud wall heater musters up enough heat to burn your back when you stand in front of it. It is also very good at making the air up near the mister's head warmer than warm. At least it takes the chill off and at least we have an inside to be in but it is hardly conducive to productivity. The same holds true for Netflix streaming. Gotta shake these mini bits of whininess and rants and get to creating something or at least taking care of those darn boxes I keep talking about. Do I sound like a broken record yet?

One of our neighbors has a cat. This is a pet free building. When I mentioned the cat to the landlord (reason being I wondered if we could have Witch-Baby live here) he told me the cat didn't live here that it was a temporary cat. Wha? The landlord said that the neighbor had his young daughter on the weekends and that the cat was probably hers. Well folks, it seems the cat has been dumped outside as its cute kittenness has been aged out and the little bugger is now a teenager. He's been marking items in the carport and is most definitely NOT fixed. I haven't seen the neighbor lately but am itching to ask him if it is his cat or not. If not, I gotta get the carrier and kidnap the little knucklehead and get his reproductive parts taken care of. There is also a younger cat following this one around and we think this one was probably dumped by one of the (many) college kids up here who seem to pick up and dump off animals without a blink of an eye. It is infuriating. So now I get to be THAT neighbor and have a conversation with the upstairs guy. Bah! Poor kitty.Wish we could have pets here.

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  1. I just hate the dumping of pets like a random piece of trash. Oh, it just gets me all riled up feeling. See it soooo much at military posts (primarily overseas ones,) so much so that the German pet shelters WILL NOT give animals to Americans. It's just so wrong. There should be some kind of back ground/maturity check before people can have pets. Start with the ones that have a short life span & work your way up. Like, have to have a pet cricket before a pet mouse before a pet cat. Wowsers, imagine how old you'd have to be or how many pets you'd have to have before you could have a parrot. If you need some cash towards getting the stray kitty fixed, please holler.