Wednesday, January 25, 2012

hydration is a good thing

I have noticed that on the days I do not drink much water I tend to wheeze away. I usually wake up with a cup of green tea and then drink water for the rest of the day. The past two weeks however I have been forgetting to drink much of anything during the day and my body is not happy with me. so I must, must, must remember to drink oodles of water.

Our water comes from the homestead where mister installed a reverse osmosis filter. We fill a five gallon jug about once a week, give or take a day or two. now that my nose is mostly working, I like to grab a jar and fill it with lemon and cucumber slices...and...for an extra kick, a smidge of vanilla smells divine and is quite tasty as well.
Today I made a list and I even took a picture of it. However that picture is still in the camera as I did not get to much on my list due to an ant attack in three different kitchen cupboards. We've had some rain here and the ants like our dry tiny casa...they also discovered the honey and a small bottle of sanding sugar. When I found those ants I might have screamed quite loudly. I also might have called them something quite unkind. Usually, the little buggers wander around slightly aimlessly but man, today they marched with PURPOSE. Mister battled them this morning and then when I woke up, they were back...ALL DAY LONG. Sheesh! They seem to be quite fond of the peanut butter jar. Who knew?

and just so ya know...I'm on my fifth jar of water lemons, it's still good! 

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