Tuesday, January 03, 2012

72 things i made last year: part two

*crepe paper lemonade banner
*fabric tape decorated suitcase
*pink lemonade cake
*painted newspaper star garland
*paper log cabin notebooks
*fourth of july wreath
*pretty giftwrap using fabric tape
*strawberry black pepper scones
*little taggie clouds party favors
*pom-pom garland
*new dining set (ok, the mister did most of it)
*jek's wonder cookies
*fabric scrap garland
*my first Goodwill window
*my second Goodwill window
*halloween dilly packs
*chocolate covered candy corn cookies
*seeing stone garland
*halloween wreath
*slip pretty "curtains"
*a return to making the bed
*i like big bundts ginger ale cake
*gingerbread icebox cup cakes
*tiny needlebook tags
*put all my vintage gingham in the shop
*see, ALL of it
*a holiday garland
*coffee bean sachet tutorial
*package up a giftcard a la dilly dilly
*coffee sleeve how to
*cups of dilly 
*pretty giftwrap
*scrap happy gift tag
*bert and ernie silhouettes
*a stocking in a bag
*whiskey caramel bacon bark

1 comment:

  1. this is crazy! Looking back does it seem like you've made that many projects? I don't feel like I made enough stuff last year ~ I need to get busy and get creative this year!