Monday, January 02, 2012

72 things i made last year: part one

I baked a little here and cooked a little there. i crafted for myself and friends and created tutorials for valentines day, mother's day and just because. i also went on a major cake batter adventure!check it all out:
row one:
*grandmother's pocket 
row two:
*scrap happy tags
*wee felt birthday cake
*the first cake in the cake batter adventures
*simple and pretty newspaper stitched wreath
 row three:
*a garland for Japan
*spice dyed eggs
*stitched paper vase covers
row four:
*scrap happy tags in purple
row five:
row six: 
*mother's day succulent in a teacup


  1. wow! it's really amazing when you put it all together!! what an accomplishment! the journey has been fun. happy 2012 dear friend!

  2. your output has been astounding this year, jek! and your creativity inspires me daily!!!! mwah!