Friday, December 02, 2011

wee accomplishments

First of all, I had NO idea the wind was so crazy down in Los Angeles and such. Now I feel all silly about my palm frond photo. Sometimes I can be quite dramatic. Chalk it up to being the youngest and having been born in February. I am nothing if not a Pisces.

Here's a repeat of yesterday's list with the little bits I accomplished crossed out. Go me!

*home by 3pm
I never got to baking...the darned chocolate kisses kept jumping out of their cute little red pyrex dish. The market was abandoned as I felt pretty confident we had enough to cook up for meals for the next few days. Besides, I only wanted to go pick up salmon. Fish, schmish. Aaaand...I was home by 2pm. I did not get to take pics of any vintage shop items nor did I finish with the gingham packs but all in all I was pretty productive. Yikes, look at the time, I gotta git to job-o number one! Happy Friday folks!

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