Thursday, December 15, 2011

my new scissors keeper

 isn't is dandy? got it from the thrift (of course) and because it reminds me of a valentine mister and I sent out eons ago...of course i have no pics of it...drats!

today i need, need, NEED to get the darn boxes out of the living room. as in unpack them. not move them to the bedroom. i also need to get the darn boxes out of the bedroom and set up some sort of holiday loveliness. if i do not, i believe my head may explode. then there are gifts to wrap and etsy sales to package (there are still fabric packs and cups of dilly in the shop)! i'm hitting the post office tomorrow folks so order, order, order (mister mike, thank YOU, you are nutty)! toss in some possbile baking or at least focus on recipes and my to-do list wil lbe slightly shortened. i still have a diy or two to post, one is finished the other is written out but not made. eeps! happy thrusday!

note to my giveaway winner, bonita rose, i need you to contact me, otherwise i will have to select a new winner. oh no!


  1. so cute!!!! Steffy

  2. Love is....

    That was in the comics back in the 70s. My mom loved them. She clipped them and kept a book. I always thought that was a little strange.

    We had "Love Is... " beach towels at one point.

    I had forgotten about that.

  3. Anonymous12:49 PM

    *gasp* I love the Love Is cartoons. My mom clipped them as well. They're SO cute.