Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the week of the mundane

 I have been swamped with nothing and everything all at once. The casa is still, still, still a jumbled mix of boxes full of who-knows-what. I have half finished projects on all available surfaces and even more in my head that are itch-itch-itching to get out. There are ants in the kitchen. So annoying those ant and fabric bits cluttering up the floor.

Laundry has been laundered thank goodness, and tomorrow's stuffing has been baked and I'm just about ready to whip up some sort of desserty-goodness. The light is fading fast so no more pictures until tomorrow and I think it is time to admit defeat that I will most probably NOT get anything into the shop this weekend. Zoinks!

I still have at least five more picture book posts to write up and craft for but am thinking that maybe I'll just add the pics and a link and call it a day. How, how, HOW did November get away from me so quickly? What's up November?

As for the picture up top, hippo has been rediscovered and yes, I am happy and yes, I do sleep with him tucked into the crook of whichever arm is attached to the shoulder facing up. He is a really good hippo. REALLY good and I am not the only one I know who sleeps with such a cutie. Better than them pillow-pets, cuter too (though not as square)! Happy almost-Thanksgiving!

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