Tuesday, November 01, 2011

the {soon to be} pink slip

 I have nine pale slips hanging from a yellow crocheted hanger showing their laciness off to all who drive by along HWY 1. Nine of them. I have been holding onto them for years. It is safe to say that I may even have been holding on to them for more than a decade. Ever since I saw a bit of lovely slippiness in the home of Betsey Johnson. Seriously, I took one look at that magazine article and went thrifting. I believe I came home with four slips in an array of punchy colors.
The punchy ones may have left the building but these lovely bits of cream and lace have stuck around and soon my friends, soon I will be giving them the happiest of bubble baths tinted with bits of pink, orange and yellow. I am so excited to finally, FINALLY get this done.

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